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2012 Primos Ultra 46/May 19, 2012


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CategoryScouting Cameras
Model Year2012
ModelUltra 45
Flash TypeIR Red Flash
Battery Type8 x AA
2012 Primos Ultra 45 Specs
Test PerformedResult
Flash Range
Trigger Time without Flash1.42s
Trigger Time with Flash1.56s
Video Trigger Time
Day RangeSlight white haze on pictures
Battery Life14,487 pictures and 146 videos over a span of 71 days
Filter Clunk
Invisible Flash
Motion Blur
Sensing Test
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2012 Primos Ultra 46 Red flash 46 count 7 MP digital camera review

This camera is virtually identical to the Blackout model. The exception to that is the array which is red flash on this camera. The owner’s manual is the same booklet as the Blackout also. There are some different specifications as far as function like flash range and such. Refer to the Ultra blackout review for all the particulars and dimensions. Everything that was written in the first 8 paragraphs also applies to this camera.

The balance of the review will be the initial tests and impressions as I perform those tasks. This camera came out of the box and was given the normal scrutiny. First off the camera fresh out of the package reeked and had to be aired out for a several hours to calm down the smell. Of the things that first caught my attention was the IR array which has a 46 count of somewhat smaller emitters which are set in a dark background. Over the top of this array is a satin finished lens that has a faint camo pattern imbedded in it. This maybe the same principal as those city buses I have seen that have the advertizing that go up the sides and across the passenger windows. From the inside of the bus the windows look relatively normal but from the outside all you see is the advertisement. This array is a very nice touch and also a very cool idea. I am waiting to see an after market vendor that maybe can produce a similar product so many can upgrade those old bright arrays. We have a vendor on our forum that has a similar product but his is denser than what is being used by Primos.

The switches on this camera are better than the ones on the black out version but you still have to be careful when making your setting. After a long time trying to evaluate these switches I found if you apply a degree of inward pressure while making your setting the detent function becomes a little more apparent. The adhesive sticker applied behind the switches appeared to have been put on out of alignment to where the detent stops happen. Moving on to battery compartment for a close examination because of what we found on the BO model camera. This camera looked to be OK just out of the box except two of the springs did not stand strait out and they leaned a little to the side. I hope they do not fold when I insert the AA cells. We have learned that when you insert the batteries into the battery box you need to do them two at a time and put the battery ends in first and then push the center down to insert both cells at the same time. This way you eliminate the sideway stress the battery box springs. The sticker on the front of this camera is worse than the BO’s sticker. It is easy to peal off and apply it to the top of the camera so the camo pattern is not interrupted. All that great work on the array and they stick a bright red and green sticker just below it.

The brand new tested cells were installed and I grabbed a few flash and good bright sun pictures. I kept getting this red battery indication on the info strip. That indication was in place of the day of the week. After pulling the cells several times it finally went back to displaying the day of the week. I cannot tell you the reason for this but there did not appear to be any ill effects as far as function when I was getting that indication. After I solved that issue I began to evaluate the pictures and there was a good degree of fuzz with these first pictures and also with the pictures after I was able to get the battery indicator off the info strip. We will see how they look when we deploy and do the range tests.

This camera design is very excellent and well thought out with some neat new features. I really would like for the function to be up to that same standard but it seems to be a few notches below, especially in the picture quality. The side strap loops are functional but I find them a pain and would rather have the rear strap loops and a couple good bark grabbers. Well we will test the burst on this camera and see if the same issues with no info strip and locking up are also part of this cameras function. It is off to the official side of the house now.

Progress and Activity
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