Spartan GoCam GC-ATTi Wireless Camera Review

Spartan GoCam GC-ATTi Wireless Cellular Camera/April 26, 2015


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Like all Spartan cameras, it has an industry-leading 2-year warranty.

  • Network Support: 3G, W-CDMA(UMTS)/HSDPA (850/1900)
  • Field of View (FOV): 52
  • Photo: Yes
  • Video: Yes
  • Display: 2″
  • Photo/Video Playback: Yes
  • Live Preview: Yes
  • Photo Resolution: 3, 5, 8MP (4:3)
  • Video Resolution: 720P HD/ VGA
  • Trigger Speed: 1s
  • Burst Mode: 1-5
  • Video Length: up to 30s
  • Audio Record: Yes
  • Quiet Time: Up to 60m
  • Time Lapse: 2X
  • Duty Time: 2X
  • Photo Stamp: Time/Date/Temp/Moon
  • Overwrite: Yes
  • Night Flash Distance: 60′
  • LED Number/Type: Invisible Blackout IR
  • SD Card Capacity: 32GB
  • Batteries: 4-12 AA
  • Weight: 13.5 oz
  • Dimension: 6x 5x 3.5 inches
CategoryScouting Cameras
Model Year2015
ManufacturerFrontier Pursuits
Flash TypeIR Red Flash
Battery Type12 AA
MSRP399.95 USD
Test PerformedResult
Flash Range70+ feet. Good contrast.
Trigger Time without flash1.09s
Trigger Time with flash1.28s
Video Trigger Time2.70s
Day RangeGood contrast and clarity, natural color.
Battery Life474 10s video clips and 1127 photos (1280x960) sent wirelessly over 30 days. Note: With Real Time set to OFF.
Filter ClunkNo
Invisible FlashNo
Motion BlurModerate
Sensing Test70+ feet at 58 degrees F
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2015 Spartan GoCam GC-ATTi from on Vimeo.

The following photos were transmitted from the camera to my GoWireless Premium account in 1280×960 (High res Thumbs).

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The UPS truck delivered several goodies, one of which was the new Spartan GoCam GC-ATTi Red Flash Wireless camera.  This camera is the sister to the Spartan SR1 camera I have been testing..  It is the standard camera in the front door style.  This is a sturdy feeling square box with mild sex appeal. The unit I received sports a nice camo exterior and has an antenna mount on top.

There is a sturdy, one handed operation, latch that securely seals this camera up.  The front and back halves meet against a flat uninterrupted planar surface that makes a really good seal.  I have had no leaking with this line of cameras in the testing I have done.  Where the front and back halves meet, the back half of the case recesses into the front.

The camera accepts 12 AA batteries and will run on the first 4.  A menu driven operation makes for simple setup and I did not need any instruction manuals to configure it.  The camera uses a native CMOS sensor of 5MP and supports interpolation up to 8MP.  The buttons are easy to read and operation is smooth.

The LED array reveals a set of clear LEDs but it also includes some plastic veins running through as break up.

The SD card is easily accessible.   For security, there is a python through hole on the top back as well as a strap slot.  I would recommend a lock box as the python would not stop someone from opening the camera and removing your SD card.

There is a threaded insert on the bottom that accepts a standard tripod mount.

This unit is designed to specifically operate on the AT&T network and is certified for operation. This means that there are AT&T approved plans for this camera and that purchasing wireless service is no shady operation like we have been used to in the past. There is no more dealing with clueless clerks at Best Buy while we puzzle over how to buy ourselves a SIM card and get this contraption to work.

In the box is a SIM card ready to use. All you do is go online and activate the service. The cameras’ unique IMEI numbers are already in the AT&T system which means, theoretically AT&T can provide direct tech support for wireless connectivity issues.

The camera is marketted as an M2M device, rather than MMS. so, this is not a simple MMS camera that just sends text messages. Rather it is a sophisticated “smart” device that communicates with the GoWireless server to provide delivery of images for web viewing, via email as well as download to the GoWireless Mobile application.

The camera offers both a free and a paid option for image delivery and camera control.

The GoWireless Premium service is an option that costs a little bit extra (about the cost of a tripple cheese burger fries and biggy size drink for 3 months of premium service.  $3/month.  Cheap) but is likely worth it for the extra features provided that include real time two-way communication with your camera, settings synchronization, firmware updates, status reports and more.

Premium also provides image encryption from the camera to your client (ie. computer or Mobile App) should you need this level of protection and peace of mind.

There is a Quick Start Guide page on the GoWireless website here:

GoWireless QuickStart Guide

I will get the basics of testing done first, then return to the wireless operation and fully document the process of set up.

I moved this camera to the GoWireless Portal finished the battery life testing sending high resolution thumbnails at 1280×960.  The battery life was very good for standard Rayovac alkaline batteries.

I followed the QuickStart instructions which I wont repeat here and was easily able to add the camera to my account on the GoWireless portal

Every new Spartan Gocam is delivered with a month free for GoWireless Premium so check it out.  I really liked the portal features and the Android app.  I am not normally a wireless camera guy but the features on this camera combined with the friendliness of the portal will get you hooked.  I am probably going to move this camera with its new solar panel down to my hunting land for some country deer surveillance.  Watch the ongoing output of this camera on our Chasingame LiveCam 2.

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