Wildgame Innovations Micro White (W4F) Camera Review

2012 Wildgame Innovations Micro White (W4F)/April 29, 2012


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CategoryScouting Cameras
Model Year2012
ManufacturerWildgame Innovations
ModelMicro White
Flash TypeWhite IR Flash
Battery Type8 x AA
2012 WGI Micro White Specs
Test PerformedResult
Flash Range20-25 feet
Trigger Time without Flash1.26s
Trigger Time with Flash1.29s
Video Trigger Time
Day Range
Battery Life4,290 pictures and 31 videos over a span of 78 days.
Filter ClunkSlight tick tick during flash but barely audible.
Invisible FlashNo
Motion BlurExcessive and the redux anti blur did not seem to help on flash pictures.
Sensing Test65 feet at 75 degrees
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05-12-2012 NOTE: This camera was recalled by the manufacturer after being released for just over a week. Please read through both sections which will be a continuation of this review.

2012 WGI Micro white (W4F) 4 MP white flash IR digital camera review

Moultrie has already tried this but in their big old lunchbox camera. It worked great in our tests but never really caught on as far as we could tell. Now this company has introduced a mini version that operates off AA cells (8) and also has an external battery port. I am very much intrigued by the white IR because of the color day and night pictures and video’s. There is a couple different pictures of this camera and the one that appears to b the final version is the one that shows just two emitters.

A small 6 inch tall and four and a half inches wide box that is just two inches thick is the dimensions. This is a bungee only type camera with no strap loops on the back. It is also one that has the bottom trap door to the controls so everything has to be done off the tree then mounted once set up and armed. The external battery port is under a rubber plug high on the right side. The array is on the front top and main lens and sensor lens just below. The programming LCD is also on the front and can be seen through a window. The tiny print on the LCD and the buttons down on the bottom is a real pain while doing the setup and initial programming.

Behind a clear lens at the top front of the camera are two white emitters which we term “white IR” which is kind of a false play on words. The fact that it is a white emitter some would feel that there is no IR light in the white light. But in the case where you are dealing with LED white emitters there is still red color contained in the spectrum so we can get away with saying “white IR”. These two emitters have a cone reflector behind them which spread the light. The rest of the camera is the same as the style seen on last years Micro series cameras. The case is a non reflective flat black.

Programming was a pain for me because of the small print but was easy to do once I got out my magnifier and found a method of tipping the camera to see the buttons and screen without too much movement.

My initial tests in the dark room did not go to well and I had a very hard time getting the camera to take a flash picture. The sensing red indicator showed that the camera did see me but it for some reason failed to flash and take a picture on a regular basis. A whole lot of walk tests and effort and the flash only went off twice. I moved outside and tried the walk tests and again the sensing indicator said the camera was seeing me but even though I was well past the delay time the camera again would not shutter the picture. This just plain sucks because this is the third camera review in a row that has failed for some reason or another. Further examination seems to indicate that the delay feature is just stuck on about two minutes. When set for 15 seconds it still takes over a minute to get the second picture. This camera is the third in a row that we have stopped the review because of a fault. This review is on hold.

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