Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Aggressor (black flash)/August 16, 2017

The Trophy Cam HD Agressor is a medium sized camera, a bit larger than this years micro series by Browning.  It uses only 8 AA batteries internally.  The E3 uses a small monochrome multi-line LCD display screen for its menu setup.  It is a bit hard to see unless you get it at the right angle.  It is back lit for use in the dark.

This camera utilizes a invisible IR black flash LED array for its night imaging.  I do not hear a filter click during image capture.

The surface of the camera has a molded “industrial” geometric pattern that Bushnell has used for a few years.  The camera is an olive green color front and back.  The LED array is black and broken up by a honeycomb overlay to reduce glint in the sunlight and to help the camera hide in its background.

This camera opens like a book, with camera in the front half and battery compartment in the rear half.  The bottom and back have a threaded insert for mounting while the back of the camera supports both strap and a python.  Note: There is no external battery port on this camera. I like the single cam buckle that latches securely and feels tight.

Included in the box is a substantial nylon strap with a metal cinch type buckle.

Ultimately, I recommend a lock box for this camera for better security and protection as there is no way to stop someone from opening your camera and removing the SD card otherwise.  Also, with a python it can fairly easily be yanked loose from the python, breaking the thin plastic tubes holding the python.

I would consider this an easy camera to use and I was able to change the configuration with out referring to the printed manual so far.

Manufacturer model #: 119876.

Manufacturers specifications:

    • Crisp, clear 20MP images and 1080p HD videos
    • Hybrid Capture Mode takes a picture followed by video
    • 36 no glow black infrared LEDs with a 100-ft. flash range
    • Up to one-year battery life on eight AA batteries
    • 0.2-second trigger speed captures high-quality images
Take your scouting to the next level with Bushnell’s Trophy Cam HD Aggressor 20MP Trail Camera. Lightning-fast 0.2-second trigger speed captures high-quality, 20MP images as well as five- to 60-second 1080p HD videos of quick-moving wildlife – ensuring you don’t miss a moment of the action. Programmable trigger speed operates on one-second to 60-minute intervals. One-second hyper-recovery time means your trail camera is always at the ready. 36 low-glow infrared LEDs have a 100-ft. flash range and won’t spook wildlife. Hybrid Capture Mode and integrated freeze-frame shutter provide the added capability of capturing a full-resolution image followed by full-resolution video. High, medium and low multiflash modes. Weatherproof construction. Easy-open latch. Adjustable web belt with convenient metal buckle closure. External power compatible. GPS geotag option. Up to one-year battery life on eight AA batteries (not included). Python cable lock compatible. Compatible with up to 32GB SD card (not included).
5.75″H x 4.25″W x 2.75″D

The MSRP on this camera is around $229.00.

Chasingame Test Results:

Test PerformedResult
Flash Range
Trigger Time without flash.53s
Trigger Time with flash.63s
Video Trigger Time.79s
Photo Recovery Timeavg .62s
Video Recovery time.01s
Day RangeGood detail beyond 60 feet. somewhat under exposed
Battery Life10,559 photos and 116 videos over a period of 7 weeks
Filter ClunkNo
Invisible FlashYes
Motion Blur
Sensing Test

Photo Samples captured in 20MP setting.

Video Samples captured in 1080p setting.

2017 Bushnell Trophy Cam Aggressor HD 119876 from Chasingame.com on Vimeo.

Progress and Activity
08-16-2017 Update: Unboxed

The next in line for Bushnell is the Trophy Cam Aggressor HD (black flash). Since I did not receive the camo version, it is easy to confuse this camera with the other Aggressor I am also testing.  The main difference is that this model uses black flash and the other Aggressor is red flash.  If you have a mixture of these models you may need a sticker or make a mark on the black flash ones so you will which is which.  The next step for this camera is the trigger testing machine.

08-20-2017 Update: Photo Samples
With some apprehension, I put this camera out in Photo mode.  I expected some whiteout photos and underexposerures.  well, The photos are not total whiteouts but I may not have created the right conditions but I see the same patterns I am seeing on the other Bushnells and Primos Proof cam 02 Gen 2.  The camera is having trouble in various light conditions and could use a firmware update to correct this.
08-24-2017 Update: Video Samples
I gathered a nice set of video clips. This camera does shine in the video mode. If the exposure issues can be solved on this years Bushnell cameras they will be hard to beat. I did not get any night clips so I will keep trying in video mode.
09-09-2017 Update: Battery Life
This camera finally ran out of juice. It took a total of 10,559 photos and 116 videos over a period of 7 weeks. This review is now complete.

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