2017 Camera Review Status

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Last UpdateStatusCameraReviewFlashFlash RangeSensingTrigger w/oTrigger withMSRP
2017-12-04PortalRidgetec Summit 4ReviewIR Black60+70+399.95
2017-11-26VideoRidgetec EdgeReviewIR Black60+70+0.751.32159.95
2017-10-25PhotoRidgetec Vista CReviewIR Black60+70+0.871.49179.95
2017-10-18Battery LifeWildgame Innovations Silent Crush 20 LightsoutReviewIR Black60+60+0.682.28199.95
2017-10-18Battery LifeWildgame Innovations Silent Crush 20ReviewIR Red6055+0.781.93159.95
2017-09-22CompleteWildgame Innovations Mirage 16 LightsoutReviewIR Black50+65+0.480.58119.99
2017-09-16CompletePrimos Proof Cam 03ReviewIR Black50+55+0.170.30149.99
2017-08-24CompleteBushnell Trophy Cam HD Aggressor 119876ReviewIR Black0.530.63229.99
2017-10-20CompleteWildgame Cloak 10 Pro Lightsout ReviewIR Black60600.540.5379.99
2017-09-26CompletePrimos Proof Cam 02ReviewIR Red60600.200.26129.99
2017-09-22CompleteWildgame Innovations Cloak 10 ProReviewIR Red6055+0.980.8269.99
2017-09-18CompleteBushnell Trophy Cam HD Aggressor 119874ReviewIR Red50+65+0.220.43179.99
2017-10-19CompleteCovert Red ViperReviewIR Red50+55+1.001.00149.99
2017-10-18CompletePrimos Proof Cam 01ReviewIR Red6060+0.650.6899.99
2017-09-22CompleteBolymedia Scoutguard SG2060-KReviewIR Black5060+1.201.32179.99
2017-09-18CompleteBushnell Trophy Cam HD Essential E3 119837ReviewIR Red6070+0.200.30149.99
2017-08-15Battery LifeBolymedia Bolyguard SG520ReviewIR Black50602.502.9079.99
2017-10-20CompleteBolymedia Bolyguard BG962-X30WReviewIR Black20551.071.25299.99
2017-10-20CompleteBrowning Dark OPS HD 940ReviewIR Black60+65+0.430.48149.99
2017-07-31CompleteBrowning Strike force HD ProReviewIR Red60+420.291.65159.99
2017-10-20CompleteBrowning Strike Force 850 HDReviewIR Red60550.420.45139.95


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