2017 Primos Proof Cam 02 Camera Review

Primos Proof Cam 02/August 16, 2017

Manufacturer model #: 64055.

The Proof Cam 02 is the next unit I will be testing in this year’s Proof cam line up, notated as “Gen 2”.  If you head to the store to buy one make sure you see the Gen 2 or check the model number as it is very similar to previous models with the same name.  This is a relatively small camera with a front face wrapped in a darker camo pattern, which I prefer, while the back is solid  green color.  On the front is an LED array that encircles the camera lens.  The LED array is black in appearance even though this is definitely a red flash camera.  Present is the python strap around the front of the camera which in my opinion is a good design for those who do not want to spring for the steel lock box but want better than average security.  This design at least keeps someone from opening the camera and tinkering with it or removing the SD card.  It is a better design for the Python in my opinion.  This is not a new design and I am glad the designers kept this feature.  The bottom of the unit supports an external battery port and a threaded insert for mounting while the back/sides offer a strap slot.  I have a small complaint about the strap slots because I can’t use my CustomOne Enterprises adjustable mount with this camera.

Like the Proof Cam 01, this unit uses switches to change its settings.  all you do upfront is set the date and time once and you are off to the races.  The tiny screen provides status information and picture count.  The screen and the switch panel are lighted but the buttons are not.  Better take a flashlight with you.

This little camera offers everything the average consumer needs in a camera with an easy to use interface.  i had the camera up and running quickly.

Manufacturers specifications:

    • Captures 16MP crystal-clear images
    • Records 720p HD video and time-lapse
    • Offers 0.3-second trigger speeds so you won’t miss a thing
    • Auto-exposure feature eliminates whiteouts
    • Fast one-second recovery rate delivers more images
Choose the affordable Primos 16MP Proof Cam 02 Trail Camera for reliable, simple-to-use scouting in your best hunting spots. Improved with faster recovery, better detection distance and new features, the Proof Cam 02 delivers the best possible images as they happen. An auto-exposure feature ensures optimal light detection, eliminating whiteouts. Fast one-second recovery rate delivers more images with fewer blanks. Captures 16MP crystal-clear images and offers 0.3-second trigger speeds so you won’t miss a thing. Records 720p HD video and time-lapse catching your trophies in action. The 36 low-glow LEDs illuminate night images out to 100 ft. Simple setup with illuminated sliding switches for night and low-light visibility. Powered by eight AA batteries (not included) for up to one year.
5.1″H x 3.4″W x 2.8″D.

The MSRP on this camera is around $129.99.

Chasingame Test Results:

Test PerformedResult
Flash RangeOverexposed but usable beyond 60 feet.
Trigger Time without flash.20s
Trigger Time with flash.26s
Video Trigger Timeavg 1.60s
Photo Recovery Time1.06s
Video Recovery time.01s
Day RangeDecent contrast. Greenish hue. Usable detail beyond 60 feet.
Battery Life6858 Photos and 740 Video clips over 6 weeks
Filter ClunkNo
Invisible FlashNo
Motion Blur
Sensing Test60 feet at 83F degrees.

Photo Samples captured in HI setting.

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Video Samples captured in HI setting (720p).

2017 Primos Proof Cam 02 Gen 2 from Chasingame.com on Vimeo.

2017 Primos Proof Cam 02 night samples from Chasingame.com on Vimeo.

Progress and Activity
08-16-2017 Update: Unboxed
08-20-2017 Update: Photo Samples
08-25-2017 Update: Video Samples
09-26-2017 Update: Battery Life


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