2017 Ridgetec Edge Camera Review

Ridgetec Outdoors Edge/November 5, 2017

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The second camera I will be testing from Ridgetec Outdoors is the Edge.  This is a mini sized camera, just a bit larger than the Browning cameras I am testing this year.

Information on Ridgetec Outdoors
A quick review of Ridgetec’s website reveals they have a strong dealer network across Canada but currently limited dealers in the USA. They told me they are establishing a USA distribution center and actively starting to pursue USA dealers, Prostaff, and marketing.  Please visit the Contact page for details.

Ridgetec Outdoors Web site

The camera has a hinged style chassis, with the camera in the rear half as a removable unit similar to styles I have seen in the past from Spypoint and others.  The unit holds 8 AA batteries which should give this unit plenty of battery power.

The camera is a black flash camera and the flash is definitely not visible.

The front surface of the camera is covered in a nice camo pattern while the back is a monochrome olive green-grey color.   The LED array has a dark blue appearance and is split into two parts either side of the camera lens.  The bottom of the camera has a battery port  which is documented as a 6V port.  The back of the camera supports strap slots, python and a threaded insert.

The camera will actually pull out of its outer shell and sit easily on the table, a book shelf or hidden anywhere in your home and makes an excellent small security camera this way.  There is a slide panel on the back that opens to allow the 8 AA batteries in.  I like the size and shape of this camera.  Make sure it is in its camo shell before going outdoors.

The unit uses two latches which creates a very tight, secure hold. On the inside of the camera is a 2.0″ color display and full compliment of buttons.  The SD card slides in the side and on the bottom is a USB port.

The camera ships with a booklet and strap.  I was able to easily set up the camera from the menus without the need for a user guide.

Steel security boxes are available for this camera model from Ridgetec.

Manufacturer model #: EDGE.

Manufacturers specifications:

Modular camera design for versatility in mounting the camera.

Time Lapse Scheduling – to assist you in monitoring large areas.

Duty Time Scheduling – to give you complete control in turning on and off the camera for security applications.

Live Preview courtesy of a front facing, high resolution 2.0″ color screen to make mounting the camera a breeze.

Innovative 10 zone PIR motion sensor with ‘Sneak By Protection’ ensuring more reliable movement detection.

  • 8 MP Photos
  • High Definition 1280 x 720 Video
  • 34 No Glow High Output Black Flash LEDs
  • Ultra-Night Sensor
  • 2.0″ True TFT viewer screen
  • Time-Lapse Mode programmable
  • Programmable Duty Time
  • Fast trigger speed: <0.7 Sec
  • Delay time: 5 Sec – 60 Min
  • Auto IR light metering
  • Video length: 5 – 60 Sec
  • Video sound recording
  • Photo burst: 1 to 3 sequence
  • Multi-zone PIR detection : 60′ +
  • Requires 8 AA batteries
  • Ultra-Low power consumption
  • Date, Time, Temperature, and Moon Phase stamp
  • External memory: up to 32 GB
  • 6V external power adapter
  • 4-digit password protection
  • Live Preview for positioning assistance
  • Photo and video playback
  • Compact innovative design
  • Low battery indicator
  • 1 year standard warranty

The MSRP on this camera is around $159.99.

Chasingame Test Results:

Test PerformedResult
Flash RangeGood white balance. Usable flash beyond 60 feet. A little bit grainy
Trigger Time without flash0.74s
Trigger Time with flash1.32s
Video Trigger Time2.45s
Photo Recovery Time5.06s
Video Recovery time6.04s
Day RangeNatural color. Decent clarity to 60+ feet
Battery Life
Filter ClunkNo
Invisible FlashYes
Motion Blur
Sensing Test70+ feet at 58F degrees

Photo Samples captured in 5MP setting.

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Video Samples captured in HD 720p.

2017 Ridgetec Edge from Chasingame.com on Vimeo.

2017 Ridgetec Edge Video Samples Day from Chasingame.com on Vimeo.

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11-11-2017 Update: Day Photo Samples
11-26-2017 Update: Video Samples


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