Ridgetec Outdoors Vista C/October 20, 2017

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In front of me is the first camera I will be testing from a company, called Ridgetec Outdoors.  The first model I am reviewing is the Vista C (“C” for Camo).  This is a medium sized camera, similar in size to the Spartan cameras.

Information on Ridgetec Outdoors
A quick review of Ridgetec’s website reveals they have a strong dealer network across Canada but currently limited dealers in the USA. They told me they are establishing a USA distribution center and actively starting to pursue USA dealers, Prostaff, and marketing.  Please visit the Contact page for details.

Ridgetec Outdoors Web site

The camera has a hinged style chassis, with camera in the front half and batteries in the back.  The unit holds 12 AA batteries which should give this unit plenty of battery power.

The camera is a black flash camera and the flash is definitely not visible.

The front surface of the camera has an angular texture and is covered in a nice camo pattern while the back is a monochrome olive green-grey color.   The LED array has a dark blue appearance and in bright light I can see the LEDs inside.  There is no break up on the LED array which it could use.  The bottom of the camera has a threaded insert for mounting and a battery port which does not indicate the voltage required. Ridgetec documents this as a 12V port, however.  The back of the camera supports strap slots, python and an additional threaded insert.

The unit uses a single cam style buckle which has a secure and tight feel when latched. On the inside of the camera is a 2.4″ color display and full compliment of buttons.  The SD card slides in the side and on the bottom is a switch for sensitivity and a USB port.

I was told by Ridgetec that the sensitivity switch provides a true sensitivity range and not a digital tolerance level (like most cameras) that actually has little effect on sensing.  They explained that true sensitivity must come from changing resistance values on the camera board and thus a switch is involved to get the most accurate and true sensitivity setting.  This is a first in the camera market as far as I can tell.

The camera ships with a booklet and strap.  I was able to easily set up the camera from the menus without the need for a user guide.

Steel security boxes are available for this camera model from Ridgetec.

Manufacturer model #: Vista-C.

Manufacturers specifications:

Modular camera design for versatility in mounting the camera.

Time Lapse Scheduling – to assist you in monitoring large areas.

Duty Time Scheduling – to give you complete control in turning on and off the camera for security applications.

Live & Offline Preview  – Using a high resolution 2.4″ color screen.

Innovative 10 zone PIR motion sensor with ‘Sneak By Protection’ ensuring more reliable movement detection.

  • 12 MP Photos
  • High Definition 1280 x 720 Video
  • 48 No Glow High Output Black Flash LEDs
  • 2.4″ True TFT viewer screen
  • Time-Lapse Mode programmable
  • Programmable Duty Time
  • Fast trigger speed: <0.7 Sec
  • Delay time: 5 Sec – 60 Min
  • Auto IR light metering
  • Video length: 5 – 60 Sec
  • Video sound recording
  • Photo burst: 1 to 3 sequence
  • Multi-zone PIR detection : 90+
  • Requires 12 AA batteries
  • Ultra-Low power consumption
  • Date, Time, Temperature, and Moon Phase
  • stamp
  • External memory: up to 32 GB
  • 12V external power adaptable
  • 4-digit password protection
  • Photo and video playback
  • Compact innovative design
  • Low battery indicator
The MSRP on this camera is around $179.99.

Chasingame Test Results:

Test PerformedResult
Flash RangeNot overly bright with decent contrast. Usable flash out to 60+ feet
Trigger Time without flash0.87s
Trigger Time with flash1.49s
Video Trigger Time2.32s
Photo Recovery Time5.50s
Video Recovery time5.22s
Day RangeNatural color. Good clarity. Usable Detail beyond 60 feet.
Battery Life
Filter ClunkNo
Invisible FlashYes
Motion Blur
Sensing Test70+ feet at 79F degrees.

Photo Samples captured in 12MP setting.

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Video Samples captured in HD 720p.

2017 Ridgetec Vista from Chasingame.com on Vimeo.

Progress and Activity
10-20-2017 Update: Unboxed
Today I got started with a new to Chasingame manufacturer, Ridgetec Outdoors. The first camera I will test is the Vista.  Thus far I am pleased with the operation of this first camera.
10-23-2017 Update: Video Samples
I put the camera out in video mode for 3 days and gathered a nice set of clips. The video in HD is decent with a bit of fuzziness. can you get better video? Yes from a couple of cameras on the market but generally the file sizes are also much larger due to less compression, filling up your SD card. The audio is good on these clips and is optional. The duration is configurable and I had them set for 5 seconds. The video on this unit is definitely usable for scouting purposes.  Note: Make sure during playback you select 720p if you can.  Also remember on any of these reviews there will be a small noticable amount of degradation in video quality after uploading to my Vimeo account.
10-25-2017 Update: Photo samples
After several days in the field I pulled a nice set of Photos today. There are several resolutions and you can choose 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio. The picture quality is good on this camera. I am pleased with the results. In low light conditions you see some darker photos similar to Primos, Bushnell and other brands but no white outs. There is an average amount of motion blur mostly at night. I did notice quite a few very distant sensing shots and I measured the distance to the deer in the shot with my range finder out to 80 feet. I have sensitivity on MID right now.

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