Wildgame Innovations Cloak 10 Pro Lightsout/August 16, 2017

The next camera I pulled from the stack is the Wildgame Innovations Cloak 10 Pro Lightsout. I wish there was a way to abbreviate this long name like WGC10PLO. This write up will be mostly a repeat of the Cloak 10 Pro.  This is a medium sized camera, narrow and long-ish, that resembles a piece of wood.  Access to buttons, sd card and batteries are from a flap on the bottom.  The screen is a simple text only and back lit but the buttons are not.  This is not for the visually challenged.  I am experienced with this tiny Wildgame style screen as it is not a new design. I find I have to remove my glasses and pull the camera closer to my face to see it more clearly. If you are under 40 you shouldn’t have an issue.

The setup is no nonsense and simple. Set date/time, photo or video mode, select an interval from 3 values. Done. If you want simple to set up, you got it.

The camera is a black flash camera and the flash is definitely not visible. One main difference in the Cloak 10 Pro and the Cloak 10 Pro Lightsout is that the LED array is black on the Lightsout.

The surface of the camera is curved like the limb of a tree and textured like bark. It is a grey-ish color which should hide well.

The camera opens from a single flap on the bottom and once opened reveals the SD Card, buttons and a separate door for the battery compartment where 8 AA batteries are slid in.  The polarity is clearly indicated twice to help you get the batteries in correctly.  The sides/rear of the camera has slots for a strap.  The back of the camera is curved and will fit against a tree or larger post well.  Included are two small bungee cords and no strap.

I am trying to determine if steel lock boxes are available yet for this model.

One thing is for sure, these Cloak 10 Pro cameras are inexpensive.  If they work well they are going to have a strong bang for the buck.


Manufacturer model #: Cloak Pro 10 LIGHTSOUT.

Manufacturers specifications:

The MSRP on this camera is around $79.99.

Chasingame Test Results:

Test PerformedResult
Flash RangeGood contrast and white balance. Usable detail beyond 60 feet.
Trigger Time without flash.54s
Trigger Time with flash.53s
Video Trigger Time.95s
Photo Recovery Time19.50s
Video Recovery time21.40s
Day RangeA bit fuzzy but usable detail out to 60 feet.
Battery Life1715 Photos and 347 Video clips over 7 weeks
Filter ClunkNo
Invisible FlashYes
Motion Blur
Sensing Test60 feet at 65F degrees

Photo Samples captured in 10MP setting.

Video Samples captured in 720p.

2017-Wildgame-Cloak-10-Pro-Lightsout from Chasingame.com on Vimeo.

2017 Wildgame cloak 10 Pro Lightsout bad video from Chasingame.com on Vimeo.

Progress and Activity
08-16-2017 Update: Unboxed
I opened the box to the Cloak 10 Pro LIGHTSOUT and pulled a uniquely designed piece of wood shaped camera out. Lets hope it performs as well as its unique design.
08-20-2017 Update: Photo Samples
I left this camera out in photo mode for several days and grabbed a set of photos. Unfortunately I did not get any in the darkest night so I will have to keep it out a bit more in photo mode.
09-01-2017 Update: Video Samples
I managed to capture a large set of video clips over several days. Overall the video clips are good. They have a 15fps which makes them look a bit choppy. They are definitely usable for scouting purposes. The night clips have good illumination. I did get several “glitch clips” which I will show. There is no audio track on the clips.
10-20-2017 Update: Battery Life
This camera captures 1715 Photos and 347 Video clips over a 7 week period. This review is complete.

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