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November 18, 2018

I am the owner here at Chasingame.com. Along with my father in law Bill, we created Chasingame.com in 2005 to test and review cameras in this industry with a simple goal.

That goal was to provide accurate camera testing results for as many brands and models as we purchase and handle in the time we had.  We both worked full time jobs for the most part as well.

Bill has retired and after some career upheaval I have persisted with Chasingame.com, not only increasing my server costs to improve performance but managing to review cameras when time and budget permitted.

As of Q1 2016 my banking software company of 20+ years was no more.  We managed to sell the software and assets and it is doing well in a new economy and market out west.

Newly divorced and without income I began my foray into web development and worked with several companies designing and building web portal and mobile applications for cellular cameras.  Those contracts ended leaving me with a “what do I do now?”.

After some long hard hours I began to formulate a plan to start a new business and found a partnership with long time friends up in Canada with a blossoming brand, Ridgetec.  We formed an alliance and I began the road to building a company, a strategy and philosophy and the technology that is the Ridgetec Portal and Ridgetec Lookout 4G LTE camera today.

I have dedicated myself to this new career path, and with a year and a half of R&D, I feel that the new Lookout is not only superior to other offerings in the market but our pricing and technologies make it a premium choice for hunting, scouting, consumer and commercial surveillance applications.

Chasingame will be a premiere re-seller for Ridgetec in the USA.  Having both ownership and distribution rights to this product in the USA and abroad my new company is poised for success in 2019.

Public reception and marketing efforts have had extremely good feedback.  In January 2019, Ridgetec will have its first full sized vendor booth at the Shot Show in Las Vegas.

Time permitting I will continue performing camera reviews and will proceed with honesty and accuracy as I always have done. I will review Ridgetec cameras with full honesty and accuracy under the same conditions as any other brand.  After all, what have I got to hide?

We are dedicated to making the product the best it can be and providing the best service possible.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Anthony Jowers

We Focus on RnD

Our goal is to bring the best product to market period.

Ridgetec Lookout LTE Video Collection

Visit our Vimeo Channel and watch Video footage from the Lookout 4G LTE camera and others.

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