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Disclaimer: Some of the products listed here may not be available for retail sales yet and therefore Chasingame makes no claims to the accuracy of the products and any details about them as the vendors of each product has acknowledged those details may change before being released. Also you should assume all the other legal stuff like each company offering their respective products holds all rights to its trademarks, product names, etc.

SpyPoint – Solar Trail Camera


Spypoint MMS


Spypoint Link 4G / 3G Wireless Cameras



Reconyx MicroFire


Reconyx MicroFire is a movement away from the square cameras which are then more challenging to “hide” from the unwanted on lookers that pass by your camera. The overall dimensions of this cylindrical design is 2″ in diameter and about 5″ long. It comes with a mount which will make it easy to point/aim the camera in any direction you desire. They have also done away with buttons and LCD screen for changing settings. This camera has a built-in WiFi network which allows you to download their free mobile app and connect to the camera. You may then use the mobile app to change settings, view photos and check status so long as you are within a 100′ of the camera. Although this camera has a smaller design which should be easier to hide in some environments, the challenge with this camera will be a way to secure it in case it is spotted. It has a 3 megapixel camera, 720p HD video with audio, requires 6 AA batteries which should get an expected 20,000 photos. The expected retail price for this camera is around $499.99.


Wildgame Innovations – 360 Trail Camera


Wildgame really didn’t have anything new for 2016 however they were the only vendor at the show sporting a full 360 degree camera. This camera has 6 motion sensors and a single flash with camera which rotates to get the optimal picture. What is new for 2016, they said, will be the price. They are reducing the price from $299 down to $199. With this sort of price drop they are hoping to pickup more market share and see if this technology will take off. However they are also faced with the challenge for better securing the camera. It comes with the T-Post mount but may require a little bit more design changes to allow for better security. The camera holds 8-AA batteries and is expected to last in the 3 to 4 month timeframe depending on activity. It can also take upto 30 seconds of HD 720p video.


Moultrie 180


Moultrie decided to scrap their previous 150 degree model camera from last year which had moving parts and they came out with a new 180 degree model for 2016. Part of the reason for the redesign, as I was told, was the previous model made too much noise when it moved and it often got stuck trying to move from one position to another. The new version simply has 3 motion detectors, 3 camera lens and 3 led flashes. You can change settings in the camera for “Single Shot” which tells the camera if it detects motion to take only a photo with the corresponding camera. Or you can change a setting to “Panoramic” mode, which tells the camera if it detects motion on one sensor to take that photo first then take a photo from the other two cameras then stitch the 3 photos together to output a single panoramic photo. The retail price for this model is expected to be at $299. It will be interesting to keep an eye on the Wildgame 360 model to see if they can overcome the noise and motor issues or if they will redesign in the future as well. This camera is compatible with the Moultrie Modem System as well.


Moultrie Wireless Modem System

<No photo available>

Moultrie offers a different way of connecting via a wireless carrier than other companies. They have a separate modem which can connect to many of their cameras via a USB cable connection. It appears as thought they use Verizon as their wireless carrier. With the $199 modem you can then download the app and select one of many different payment plans offered by Moultrie. For example:

Package       Monthly Thumbs        Monthly Price

Economy     1,000                              9.99

Basic             2,000                             19.99

Deluxe          5,000                             29.99

Elite              10,000                           59.99

Then they charge extra for any photos you wish to get Hi-Res copies of.


Stealth Cam GXW-Wireless


After talking with the people in the Stealth booth there does not appear to be anything “new” for 2016. So just to give a quick look at what they do offer in the area of wireless cameras I looked at the GXW 3G model. With this camera you go get your own service from AT&T or T-Mobile. Then download their remote app and create an account. The camera can then be set to upload photos at certain intervals throughout the day. It appears as if there is not a web portal, only the mobile app and it seems as if there are limitations with being logged in on multiple devices or trying to access multiple cameras at once. I have not personally used this product so my opinion is strictly from the demo and questions that was answered at the show.


Bushnell – Trophy Cam HD Wireless (Aggressor)



For starters, Bushnell has given this camera a face-lift over last year’s model to have the same look and fell as their other models. They have also made a few upgrades to the insides of this camera. A new GPS module has been added to give a very accurate GPS location reading. The camera will perform a (once per day) GPS location check. That GPS data is then stored inside the photos and uploaded to their portal. However for security if the photo is “shared” to a social network, they strip out that info so as to not give away the location of the camera to unauthorized viewers. They have also changed out their internal AT&T modem to gain better network coverage. They have also improved their night-time images with better sensing and led performance.One of the biggest improvements they have made with their mobile app is the thumb size photo which is sent to the app is now 4 X bigger. Image size is now 640×480 for better clarity. As Bushnell has made many improvements, they continue to charge extra for any HD photos you may wish to download. Pricing for HD photos are: 0.99 – 1 photo, $7.99 – 10 photos, $16.99 – 25 photos.


Covert Wireless Cameras

(WindTalker pictured below)


Covert is jumping into the wireless camera arena with 3 new models for 2016 (WindTalker, BlackHawk, Code Black). All three models use a 3G carrier network. The primary differences are:

WindTalker      AT&T,   0.4 sec trigger, 10mp,  HD Video, $519.99

BlackHawk     Verizon, .65 sec trigger,  12mp,  no video,    $459.99

Code Black        AT&T,  .65 sec trigger,  12mp,  no video,    $419.99

The mobile app was not released at the time of the show and they predicted it was about 2 weeks away from being ready. The following was as much as I could learn about the demo version of the app they had there. They are only working on the Android version of the app right now. The photos will be hosted on the server for 30 days.  The app downloads the photos each time the user loads the app. This means those with a slow connection will have substantial wait times every time you reopen the app. Also if you are using your cellular network you will be using and reusing your data plan every time you open and reopen the app. The pricing plans are as follows:

AT&T $3.99/month 100 photos; $9.99/month 1,000 photos; $14.99/month 5,000 photos; $34.99/3 months 34,000 photos.

Verizon $14.99/month 1,000 photos; $19.99/month 5,000; $24.99/month 17,000 photos; $279.99/year 15GB.


HCO – Spartan Cameras


The Spartan Go Cameras currently have Verizon and AT&T models but will be releasing a Sprint model later this year. They currently use the 3G carrier networks and their prices range from $379.95 up to $469.95. HCO offers two types of products GoWireless Lite and GoWireless Premium.

GoWireless Lite

GoWireless Lite is totally free and allows the user to have photos emailed directly to their inbox.

GoWireless Premium

GoWireless Premium offers probably the most comprehensive management system of all the systems reviewed. It has a full suite of tools to manage cameras, users and photos on the web portal. Including the ability to change camera settings, update Firmware, etc. It also has a number of means for sharing photos either by email, text or via the mobile app. The mobile app also appears to be the most mature product of all those at the show. It has the ability to allow unlimited people to install the mobile app and share the photos with an unlimited number of cameras and an unlimited number of photos. Each can be assigned either administrative access or guest access. Admin access allows user to change settings, delete photos, and other administrative task within the mobile app. Gust access has view only privileges. And although the photos are hosted on the server for 30 days, since the app downloads the photos and caches them to the device, you can keep them as long as you wish. This process also makes the app very quick and responsive, uses minimal amount of the cellular data plan (if any at all because it has settings to only download over WiFi if the user wishes to use no cellular data). However you don’t have to worry about running out of storage either because the app has an option for the user to set the number of days to retain the photos on the device before auto-purging. And you can select those really nice photos to “Save” which means those photos will never be auto-purged. The user also has the ability to download an unlimited number of HD photos. A couple of things that could be added to make this a more complete system would be to add the GPS coordinates and tagging ability of photos.
I have not got their complete pricing plans yet but from what I have seen it appears to be lower than most others for unlimited capabilities it offers. Also coming soon if you already have a Verizon account you will be able to add your Spartan Verizon camera to your existing plan for only $5 a month. The HCO Premium unlimited plan is only $3 a month.



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