Browning BTS-2/March 23, 2013


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CategoryScouting Cameras
Model Year2013
ModelBTC2 Force Recon
Flash TypeIR Red Flash
Battery Type8 x AA
Test PerformedResult
Flash Range60+ feet with a slight haze due to white balance
Trigger Time without flash0.85s
Trigger Time with flash0.87s
Video Trigger Time1.29s
Day RangeGood Detail and contrast
Battery Life2052 Photos. 129 Videos. over 8 weeks
Filter Clunkfaint double click per trigger
Invisible FlashNo
Motion BlurLow
Sensing Test50 feet at 49 deg F
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The camera runs on 8 AA batteries that are inserted into a pull out drawer very similar to the Moultrie 880/990 this year.  The controls and setup menus are all very familiar if you have used a Moultrie camera as they are similar.  In any case, the set up was straight forward and did not require the setup guide. This first entry into scouting cameras by Browning has created some buzz on our forum and we felt it deserved some testing.

Sensing range tests revealed triggers at 50 feet for 49 degree temperatures.

Progress and Activity
03-23-2013 update
03-23-2013 update: In testing this camera in the dark in a quiet closet, I can hear two clicks per trigger. I would say they are not the loudest I have heard and not the softest either. Probably not loud enough to spook every animal but it can be heard. I would recommend the firmware engineers to change the logic to flip the IR filter twice per day if possible.
06-02-2013 update
06-02-2013 update: The batteries have finally given out on this camera. It captured a total of 2052 photos and 129 video clips over a period of 8 weeks. This review is now closed.

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