2010 Bushnell 119325C Camera Review - July 30, 2010

2010 Bushnell 119325C

2010Bushnell 119325C 5MP 30 Count IR Camera Review

Probably one of the major pluses with this camera is that it is a SOCO manufactured camera and not Keep Time. Totally out of schedule we choose to take on the job of reviewing this camera because we are hoping we can find at least one of the 2010 cameras that is up to par. We have had a lot of experience with this camera because we spent weeks this summer in a pre release review for another organization on some of these cameras. At that time there were a number of issues that needed to be upgraded so this review will see if everything was corrected and the post production units are worthy. Maybe a half inch taller than the BCT it has the color except it is a bit greener than the BTC. There is a small wrap around wide angle PIR sensor at the top front and below are two half moon looking arrays with each containing 15 emitters. In between the arrays is the light sensor and main camera lens with function indicator just below that. No bark grabbers on the back except for some tiny nipples below the strap loops. The latches are firm and close tight much better than the Keep Time cameras. The only security is the tiny lock loop on the door. Inside is a cam in the door design with LCD and associated switches and an 8 count AA battery holder that is just not very good at all. It is poorly marked and the booklet is of no help at all. The SD card slot (up to 16 GB) is very close to the batteries and it will drag and hang up on the cells when being removed. There is a small wheel to adjust PIR sensitivity. USB and TV out are on the side of the camera body.

Camera Specs sheet:

In the box is the camera and booklet along with a strap and USB cable. When the camera was opened for the first time the door gasket came loose and fell on the floor. I had to take about 20 minutes trying to stuff a 20 inch gasket into an 18 inch slot. I finally worked it in and I am hoping that does not happen again or maybe I will have to just box this thing up and get on to the next camera in our schedule.

I had a big smile when I found that I could program the delay down to less than 10 seconds which gives me a much better feeling about what to expect. The rest of the programming was easy and strait forward. I went ahead and reviewed the procedure in the booklet and it appeared to be well written. The only thing lacking so far in the manual has been the battery installation description. The little ribbon in the battery compartment for removal of the cells is worthless at best. It is very much in the way whether you use it or not but the holder design is so tight the ribbon would probably break before you could release the cells. The 1/32 inch instructions inside the cam are very hard for my bi focal to read.

This camera selling for $150 might be very attractive if the function is up to standard. The great delay time and advertized one second trigger time if proven, will just kick a 2010 BTC cameras butt if the picture quality is even half good for the color day and IR night shots.

Well this is the time that everyone wants to know about. The initial testing on time delay and picture quality has been completed. This camera will with out a doubt kick a BTC 2010 butt in performance. This consensus is based on the whole package which is trigger time (provided it holds to its advertized time), the picture quality is more natural in color and far from the saturated vivid color day pictures that got the BTC in trouble but it is very acceptable. That work around the chip replacement only got some color day pictures but took the rest of the BTC down hill. Over this entire camera it appears to have a much better over all function which is good news for the manufacture. The pictures are not as strong for the daytime but the rest of the function seems to be far superior. It is off to all the official stuff now and then up on the hill for the video and picture gathering.

08-05-2010 update: Well sports fans we have another Bushnell that inflated the trigger time in their advertizing. I went through a couple hours and then I turned it over to Anthony to put it on the big machine and we had a consistent set of times around 2.07 seconds for day with color pictures. The night with IR came in at around 2.54. The day variable may have something to do with light metering. This is a shame again just when I thought we were going to have a great little camera and then this happens. We will go ahead and gather a couple of sample pictures and maybe a video and then this cam is headed back to where it came from. Except for flash range which can serve as sample pictures we are just going to go ahead and close this review and get on to others that maybe do what they say they will do.

Trigger Tests
(without flash 2.07 seconds)

(with flash 2.54 seconds)

Flash Range


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