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CategoryScouting Cameras
Model Year2012
ModelTrophy Cam 119476
Flash TypeIR Black Flash
Battery Type12 x AA
Test PerformedResult
Flash Range50+ feet
Trigger Time without flash0.64s
Trigger Time with flash0.73s
Video Trigger Time
Day RangeFuzzy with under exposure
Battery Life
Filter ClunkYes
Invisible FlashYes beyond 6 feet.
Motion BlurHigh
Sensing Test50 feet at 74 deg F
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Even though we had our last years review units, we were not able to actually complete the testing because they just did not function well enough. Further research with the catalog companies we were told that those cameras were by far the most returned. Further research also showed that the Bushnell support did a fairly good job satisfying the balance of issues that surfaced. Later in the year we began to see some very good reports from users that began to show that someone in the system began to get something right. Now along comes the next year and what is suppose to be a continuance of those later reports, we feel that it will reflect in this years camera function.

We just had the good fortune to be able to just borrow a test unit from the good people at Custom1Enterprises to get out a very brief report. We have a stack of the 2012 cameras here that have yet hit the market and yet to be pulled out of the box. We have had a good number of requests to get an early look at least one of the Bushnell cameras so that most can have a good idea of their potential. They mostly all share the same case and board so the main difference is just the internal firmware that drives the function and the flash array. The Black IR has probably the highest interest because of the industries trend to move in that direction.

The Trophy Cam cameras come in two sizes, a smaller one and a larger one.  This camera is in the larger sized case with the array behind a dark cover where 32 black emitters are located. Just below that is the hooded main lens followed by the wide angle PIR lens just below. Tri-pod insert and external battery port are on the bottom. Cable and strap loops are on the back. Inside is the LCD and associated programming buttons and on off switch. Battery compartment (12 AA) is on the back half of the camera. SD card and USB port are on the bottom edge under the programming switches.

Camera resolution has a high of 8 MP with a programmable step down to 5 and 3MP. Video setting of 1080X720 with a 1 to 60 second length is possible. This camera also has a basic time lapse function. There is an audible filter clunk at transition.

Basic dark room evaluation will happen then to the trigger time table and a short stay on the flash/8 plate range. A few sample pictures and we will be finished.

I am going to give a word of caution about this camera. This is to be careful when you hold the camera in your hand and open it all the way up. There are four vanes on the top of the hinge and there are four vanes on the bottom of the hinge. The two sets of vanes in the center when opened act like a tiny pair of scissors. I had my little finger in the wrong place and it resulted in a sizable blood blister where it pinched me. Programming and battery installation went without issue.

The dead pixel test came out grey ????? which is a new indication and probably related to light metering.  We have seen this on a Uway camera before as well. Most every camera we have tested have a solid black look and should there be any dead pixel areas they show up grey or white. Further tests showed a degree of motion blur which I would have to grade as being a little excessive. The outside good sun pictures did not come up to those that I have seen posted from last years 66 camera. They have a degree of fuzziness. Dark room tests indicated that the flash could be seen at 6 feet fairly easy, though it was dim. This takes this camera out of the true black flash category and puts it in the very low glow category.

Progress and Activity
04-22-2012 update
04-22-2012 update:  The trigger bench got busy but we managed to knock this one out. The trigger time came in at .64 day and .73 with flash. Sensing came in at 50 feet at 74 degrees. Sample pictures both day and night and they were pretty fuzzy but night illumination was good. It does look like this company did the same as Moultrie and took a step backward with their jump from 2011 to 2012 when it comes to picture quality. Motion blur is very excessive. This report is closed.

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