Bushnell Trophy Cam Aggressor Brown Model 119776 Camera/June 21, 2015

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Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Agressor 14MP Trail Camera with Black LEDs

  • Capture high-quality, full-resolution 14MP photos of wildlife
  • Record five- to 60-second 1080p HD videos
  • Hybrid Capture Mode take a picture followed by a video
  • Lightning-fast, programmable trigger speed
  • 48 black infrared LEDs with an 80-ft. flash range
  • Weatherproof construction and easy-to-remove ARD shield

Take your scouting to the next level with the lightning-fast 0.2-second trigger speed, full-resolution 14MP images and five- to 60-second 1080p HD video capabilities of Bushnell’s Trophy Cam HD Agressor 14MP Trail Camera. Programmable trigger speed operates on one-second to 60-minute intervals. One-second hyper recovery time means your trail cam is always at the ready. 48 black infrared LEDs boast an 80-ft. flash range and prevent game from being spooked when they’re photographed or recorded, even in the dark of night. Hybrid Capture Mode and integrated freeze-frame shutter provide the added capability of capturing a full-resolution image followed by a full-resolution video. High, medium and low multiflash modes. Weatherproof construction stands up to wet, windy and stormy conditions. Removable, protective ARD shield with easy-open latch. Adjustable web belt with convenient metal buckle closure. External power compatible. GPS geotag option. Powered by eight AA batteries (not included). Python cable lock compatible.

CategoryScouting Cameras
Model Year2015
ModelTrophy Cam Aggressor Model 119776
Flash TypeIR Black Flash
Battery Type8 AA
Test PerformedResult
Flash RangeUnder illuminated. Sub par contrast and clarity
Trigger Time without flash0.20s
Trigger Time with flash0.28s
Video Trigger Time2.90s
Photo Recovery Time13.28s with 10s delay
Video Recovery time19s with 5s clips and 10s delay
Day Rangegood clarity and contrast mild underexposure in sunlight
Battery Life
Filter ClunkNo
Invisible FlashYes
Motion Blur
Sensing Test60+ feet at 80 degrees F

coming soon

I pulled out two more cameras this morning from the queue of cameras waiting for review.  These are the Bushnell Trophy cam HD Aggressor brown model 119776 and the Primos Proof cam 03.  both of these cameras are mini cameras that fit in your palm.  Primos and Bushnell are brands promoted by the same holding company.  I thought I might look for similarities but both brands appear to hold on to a past heritage with user interface and color.

The Bushnell Aggressor has a truly “aggressive” look with its industrial looking moldings in its traditional Bushnell brown.  The camera has a clasp that operates easily with one hand. Although the camera closes tightly, it does not feel as tight as you would expect when closing the latch.

The camera supports 8 AA batteries making it economical to run.  The bottom and rear of the camera has a tripod insert with the DC power IN port on the bootom.

For mounting there are strap slots on the rear that combine a python through hole.  This is not very good security and there is no substitute for a lock box.

The camera is documented as a 14MP camera with multiple photo resolution settings and several video settings up to 1080p HD.  Audio will also be captured in video mode but is optional.  There is also a hybrid mode for photo and video.  Time lapse is supported and called Field Scan mode.  There are two settings for flash intensity as well. The delay setting is configurable from 1 second to 60 minutes.  Set up was very easy and familiar. Without reading the book programming was done in 1 minute.

The image aspect ratio can be set for 4:3 (full) or 16:9 (wide).

Progress and Activity
06-21-2015 Update
Started the Aggressor review. Gathered media shots. First impressions are that this is an easy camera to use. Set up did not require a book.  I captured some day range test pictures.  Images have decent clarity and contrast but are a bit dark in the usual Bushnell fashion.
06-28-2015 Update: Flash Range
Tonight I captured the range test images.  The night shots are under illuminated and sub par contrast and clarity.  Sensing tests were excellent with sensing beyond 60 feet at 80 degrees F.
07-17-2015 Update: Firmware Update

Bushnell has a firmware update to fix the issue where some images appear dark during day to night transition under certain lighting conditions. This firmware update will improve performance at all levels during this critical time for trail cams to perform. Please encourage users to follow the link below to find out if they require this update.

Firmware Link:
Click to download firmware

Bushnell encourages users to apply this upgrade.

07-28-2015 Update: Trigger Testing
I captured all the trigger times with recovery on this camera and it is fast as I expected it to be.  The photo trigger is 0.20s.  Not much will get past this little camera.  very good Bushnell.
08-01-2015 Update: Photo Samples
I managed to capture a good set of photos both day and night before I updated the firmware and I did have the issue with very dark photos, nearly black actually.  I will update the firmware then capture a new set of photos.


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