Bushnell TrophyCam HD Max 119678/September 14, 2014


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  • Wireless Connectivity:No
  • Resolution Setting:8MP
  • PIR Sensor:Low/Med/High/Auto
  • Night Vision Flash:33 Black LED, 60′
  • LCD Display:B&W Text LCD
  • Data Stamp:Yes
  • GPS Geotag:Yes
  • Power Supply:AA (4-12)
  • Solar Compatible:Yes
  • Battery Life:Up to 1 year
  • Video Resolution:1920x1080p
  • Video Length:Up to 60 seconds
  • SD Card Capacity:32 GB
  • Field Scan 2X:Yes
  • Audio Record:Yes
  • Baro Stamp:Yes
  • Hybrid Capture:Yes
CategoryScouting Cameras
Model Year2014
ModelTrophyCam HD Max 119678
Flash TypeIR Black Flash
Battery Type12 AA
Test PerformedResult
Flash Range50+ but dim and poor focus
Trigger Time without flashavg 0.20s
Trigger Time with flash0.28s
Video Trigger Time1.98s
Day Rangeavg quality, underexposed and dark
Battery Life8849 photos and 72 video clips or 6 months
Filter ClunkNo
Invisible FlashYes
Motion BlurModerate
Sensing Test45 feet at 75F
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2014 bushnell trophycam hd max 1280×720 from Chasingame.com on Vimeo.


This camera is very similar in size to previous HD Max models tested but the look is new this year with an industrial feel to it. I like it. The camera is a black flash camera using 12 AA batteries and claims of one year battery life. It records photos and video with video resolutions up 1080p with audio.

The camera uses that trademark brown which in my opinion hides as well as camo on the pine trees we have here in Georgia.

Another noticeable change is the latch mechanism which I feel is an improvement as well. If feels well constructed and should provide better service than those small latches used on other models. It provides easy one hand operation.

The honey comb mesh on the led array helps reduce that glare from the lens array plastic cover. This is also a nice feature.

For mounting and security there is a strap slot on the back that combines a python through port as well as threaded insert. I would not trust this and get a lock box.

Dark room tests reveal an invisible black flash, and a no filter clunk.

Today we have a constant light drizzle so I put the camera on the trigger test bench and captured those results. The trigger with out flash came in at 0.18s and with flash at .28s. The video trigger time is right at 1.98s.

These are great trigger times. If we find the picture quality is good day and night this will be a hard camera to beat.

With the trigger times we got on this camera I expect those ports around the front are exhaust pipes to let the exhaust out.

Progress and Activity
09-20-2014 Update
09-20-2014 update: 09-20-2014 update: With a constant battle with rain and drizzle here, I have not managed to capture the flash range pics but that is scheduled for tonight. I have updated the review with photo and video samples. Overall I am pleased with photo quality. I noticed times during the middle of the day in dappled sunlight where the photos are underexposed and dark. This is not a new issue on the Trophy Cam. Software can easily lighten these up. The night image quality is decent but a bit fuzzy with moderate to average motion blur. Video quality is nice. The audio is restrained and clear without much background noise.

Tonight I performed the flash range tests and sensing tests. The flash range pictures reveal a moderate amount of fuzziness or lack of contrast. The sensing tests were repeated on Sensitivity for HIGH and AUTO. In each case the maximum sensing distance was right at 45 feet for this 75 degree evening.

09-24-2014 Update
09-24-2014 update: I have captured several days of photos now switching to video. I feel that the night image quality is just now up to par on this camera. I was excited about the camera and feel it has a lot going for it but the night images are just poor. There’s no other way to say it.
09-28-2014 Update
09-28-2014 update: I pulled a card full of video clips in HD. Like the night time photos the night video clips are dark with poor focus. the day time video clips while being somewhat dark and underexposed are very nice. I am putting this camera out to pasture with a large SD card for a battery life test.
04-05-2015 Update
04-05-2015 update: This camera with its 12AA batteries has kept clicking away for almost 6 months until it finally ran out of steam. I have updated the battery life and we are calling this review closed.

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