The goal with this modification is to create an external battery cable for a 6V 4 “C” Cell series system.  If your camera supports this configuration, then this mod should work for you.

Here is what you will need:

  • (2) 1/2″ CPVC cut to 2 7/8″ in length
  • (2) 1/2″ copper cap
  • A Length of two conductor stranded wire (we use some from Home Depot with a red and black wire) several feet long

You will need to know that your camera uses a series configuration for 6V (4 times 1.5v = 6v) and which terminal is the negative and which is the positive.  Opening your camera will probably void the warranty as would hooking up an external battery with reverse polarity and seeing a puff of smoke.

I used a center punch to make a dimple in the copper caps to ensure a connection with the plate and spring in the camera.

Next I stripped back my wire and prepared it for connection to the PVC and Caps. I separated the negative and positive strands far enough to give me room in the camera to run each wire out of separate corners. You might use a file and notch the plastic to allow for a better fit when closing the door but this would void your warranty too.

Then stripped the wires and fan them out. Place them along side the PVC and bend the ends over into the PVC, then push the caps on and tap them down all the way flush.

The finished product aligns such that the upper right is the negative terminus and the bottom left is the positive one. I used two dead C cells as place holders to keep everything tight when inserted into the camera.


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