2012 Covert Black 60/March 29, 2012


ImagesFactory SpecsCG ClassificationCG TestingTriggerSamples
  • Resolution: 8MP, 5MP, 3MP
  • Burst: up to 3 shots per trigger
  • Video: 640X480, 320X240 (no sound)
  • Video Length: 5 to 60 seconds
  • Sensitivity setting: High, Medium, Low
  • Delay: 0 seconds to 60 minutes (plus write time)
  • Time Lapse:  yes
  • Flash Range: 50 feet
  • Pass Word Protection:   yes
  • Trigger time: With flash 1.06 seconds, With out flash 1.39 seconds
  • Sensing range: 60 feet at 72 degrees
  • View Screen: yes

CategoryScouting Cameras
Model Year2012
ModelBlack 60
Flash TypeIR Black Flash
Battery Type12 x AA
Test PerformedResult
Flash Range50 feet
Trigger Time without flash1.39s
Trigger Time with flash1.06s
Video Trigger Time5s to 60s
Day RangeGood clarity with natural color
Battery Life27,056 photos. 193 videos. over a period of one year.
Filter ClunkNo
Invisible FlashYes
Motion BlurAverage
Sensing Test60 feet at 72 deg F
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Because of some mislabeled packages, our cameras arrived out of sequence and what was to be tested first is now last. This out of sequence has become a blessing in disguise. The lesser two cameras that entered the system, gave us the chance to evaluate function and picture/video quality. This coupled with very good delay features and flash ranges we now only have a couple of areas that might defeat what is looking like a good report. These two areas are battery life and longevity. The gut feeling right now is that battery life is not going to be an issue, but longevity will only be known later in the year when the field reports start rolling in after months of use.

Having a profile that is a little larger than the other two this camera takes a full 12 AA cells to fill the tank. Roughly 4.5 X 6 inches in physical size and wearing a fall Break Up camouflage pattern this camera takes on a decent look. Front top is a dark lens that hides the array and the main lens and PIR are in line just below. The bottom of the camera has the Tri-pod insert and external battery port. The back of the camera has strap loops with small bark grabbers and a feed through cable channel.

Inside there is the programming/view screen and associated control buttons. The bottom edge is the USB and SD card ports. No TV out port was found on this model. This is a cam in the door type with the 12 cell holder taking up the back half. The battery keepers are situated to keep the batteries in place. A full moisture gasket seals up the two parts against water leaks, good and tight.

Take some time and just switch back and forth between the three 2012 Covert reviews and pay attention to the picture quality and make up your own mind as to what you are seeing. My dark room tests of the visible flash range was about a foot, so this camera is rated as being a true black flash camera. There is a slight audible filter clunk at transition.

Progress and Activity
10-06-2012 update
10-06-2012 update:  This camera has been running constantly since 3-25-12 and is still going strong. With its load of 12 AA cells so far it has taken 193 videos and 23,492 pictures and has no indication of slowing down. That is nearly 7 months of constant deployment. We got to say they did something right with this camera.
05-05-2013 update
05-05-2013 update:  This is a final battery life on this camera.  In total the camera took 193 videos and  27,056 photos over a period of one year.  We are very pleased with the battery life on this camera.  The review is closed.

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