Custom1 Enterprises Mini Angle Brackets Review

2012 Custom1 Enterprises Mini Angle Brackets/February 07, 2012



We received a couple of these great little angle brackets and I began to figure out just what I could do with them. First off I made me a replacement mounting bracket for the 2012 Cuddeback Ambush camera which the factory supplied bracket broke the first time out. I just took two metal plates (steel or aluminum) the same dimensions as the angle bracket, one which was 1/16th inch thick and the other was 1/8th inch thick. The thin plate had a 7/16th inch hole drilled in the center line ¾ of an inch off the edge. I then marked lines from the hole lengthwise on the plate at each edge of the hole. I then took my hack saw and cut along the lines and (very easy cut) this left a long slot in this plate which was easy to clean up with a small file. The 1/8th inch plate got the same treatment with a ¾ inch hole on center line ½ inch off the end. This gave me two U shaped plates the same size as the angle bracket and with the thin plate stacked on top of the thick plate I placed these on the flat side of the angle bracket. I clamped these three items together and using the angle bracket as the template I drilled out four corner holes in the two new plates to match the bracket for 4 screws and nuts. These four holes in the bracket are also exactly the right size to tap out to ¼ inch thread if you choose to use some very short ¼ inch screws and not use nuts. This worked out great and should be a project for anyone who would ever think of buying one of those cameras. Just take the supplied flimsy plastic bracket and trash it.

Next I took a couple of the current mini cameras, one was a Moultrie and the other was a Reconyx. Both cameras had inserts in the back (Moultrie required a metric screw) and the Reconyx took the standard ¼ inch bolt. This worked out great also and seemed secure enough on the camera for normal use.

Chuck from Custom One designed this bracket for those who now are building the mini style home brew cameras and needed a smaller bracket for this application. On all small camera enclosures that have the flat back, this bracket will work very well with the self adhesive industrial Velcro. If you home brew builders choose not to drill through your Pelican box enclosure use this method.

The possibilities for this tiny bracket are many if you can just dream up yet another plate to marry up your favorite mini camera to this great little angle bracket. I just finished going through a short little review on Pat Murphy’s Metal Art brackets (T Post) and this got me thinking that a marriage between this bracket and maybe one of his slide on brackets would also be a great setup should someone find the need for that combination. In the case with the Ambush camera above, the spring loaded lid sticks out past the back of the camera which requires that it be mounted a distance off the tree to keep the lid closed and the water and trash out of the camera. This bracket appears to be just the ticket to do that. So, just a little thought and many of your aiming problems can be solved with this bracket where camera aim is critical. I will close this review for now unless I dream up yet another needed application.

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