Trail Camera Discussion of Manufactured Cameras.
I have a bushnell 119466 which also takes 12 batteries. The camera is about 7 years old and is probably the best camera they ever made. The battery life is amazing, I love it. I'm happy they finally changed cameras overall appearance.
with my covert, it doesn't have to have all 12 batteries to run. it can run on 4, 8, or all 12.

My old Red40 and Code Black will take 12 but I normally don't use 12 in them unless its for extended use...
I never even thought of this, until this thread. I no longer use my code black as a cell-cam. we don't have reception very far outside our communities. and way out in my hunting areas, it's completely hit-or-miss, just pure luck to be bouncing off a tower somewhere. so I gave up on placing my cam where I was forced to, rather than where I ideally wanted to. now I just use it as a regular cam. but, is there any real point for me to still run it on 12 batteries then? I use rechargeables in it with a solar panel, that worked best for using it as a cell-cam. but now as a regular cam, I should probably just run it on 4?
might be better to switch the rechargeables and solar panel to one of my cams that I run on video. hmmmmm.

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