Trail Camera Discussion of Manufactured Cameras.
Pictures and videos I've seen look pretty good..anyone here try it yet?
I love too that it'll accept sd cards up to 512GB. For videos that's awesome. Had one cam maker that has a solar cam(you can prob guess by that which company) that only accepts up to 32GB tell me anything bigger isn't needed. That makes zero sense. You have a solar panel built in to keep things charged but if doing videos especially it could be full w/in a month. Much less if longer and/or hd videos. I have a cam with a 32GB card set for videos and it's nearly full after 2 weeks. Set for 30 sec videos and over a creek crossing. Yes..a lot of videos. *end rant*
One thing that drives me nuts is large file sizes in video mode. A 10 second video from my browning is approx 60mb and the quality is poor. On the other hand Ridgetec file size on the same 10 second video is approx 7mb with great quality. With that said, I dont know which file format is used by the G45ngmax. But from previous G45 videos posted on this forum, the quality always look good.
Stealthcam has always been pretty good imo when it comes to videos. Videos from 9-10 yrs ago are better than many I've seen these days. Still using their white flash model from some years ago and the 4k model- which btw for a one minute video uses around 410mb. I have a 128GB card in that one. On their website it still says it takes up to a 32GB card but elsewhere it says it'll take I think up to 512 also. Pretty sure they had a firmware update to allow for that.
Have yet to try a Browning. My Cuddebacks do pretty good...Wildviews not so great but they're cheaper models.
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