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By Dustin
Hi all,

I'm new to the forum but thought this would be a good place to gather some information regarding some hiccups I've come across with my recent trail camera purchase.

First off, I looked for a sub-forum specific to "Campark" trail cams but did not see one with the others such as Browning, Moultrie, etc. But if I need to move this post to a different place on the website, please let me know!


Several months ago I purchased 8 of the Campark T45 trail cameras after hearing of them being a pretty reliable camera for being on the cheaper side. The first week I had them running they all worked great and took quality photos. However, I started running into a problem by the second week and for the next month afterwards, where all but 2 of the cameras would stop taking/recording photos to the micro SD card seemingly randomly at some point between me starting up the camera and then revisiting the site to check them each week. For example, after checking the SD cards at the end of each week, I would find photos of me adjusting the camera on day one, walking away from the site, and then maybe a day or two of animal activity and then nothing more.

I am sure this is not a lack of animal activity crossing the sensors, as there were clear signs of disturbance at some sites, but no photos. Also, the save files lacked any photos of myself walking up to the camera upon each check and I always attempt to trigger the camera on check days to ensure the camera is still working. Lastly, I have the cameras set to 3-shot burst and there were times I counted the amount of photos, and there would only be 1 or 2 photos at a time stamp, when there should be 3. So it seems that at some point during the week (usually between 1-3 days after re-set) the camera is either not taking photos at all, or not recording properly to the SD card. The SD cards are 32 GB, and this would happen between 90-300 photos, so I know the SD cards are not full either.

Note: After each time I "re-set" the camera every week, the cameras would begin taking photos like normal, but then after another 1-3 days, there would not be any more photos recorded, nor photos of me walking up to the set.

I am curious if anyone else has had an issue like this or similar, or if anyone has any tips or solutions.

Thanks for any help you can provide!
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By Anthony
Your problem sounds like SD card incompatibility to me.

Try a different brand or speed of card. make sure that the camera supports 32GB.

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