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Over the years we have posted the fact that we review the cameras and do our best to log that information. Many have asked for quickie charts to ease the pain of selection by just looking at a couple of features on a "star" list. We have declined all of this type of reporting because we go through a lot of time and expense to provide our reviews and feel that a quickie chart or star chart would result in the text of our reviews not being referred to.

Now the trend is to just email and ask for us to make that selection for the potential buyer. The volume of this mail has increased to a point where it is very hard to handle. Please just take the time to read the text of the reviews and view the sample pictures and make your own decision. We cannot make any of those decisions because that could result in the possibility of favoritism creeping in. We have no way to know your situation and environmental conditions/expectations that effect the cameras operations that are present in your particular area. We are not going to make your choice of cameras for you. What may work great in the northern climates and conditions, may suck in another setting etc.. This past week we received several of these requests by email and the reason given was that it was just too time consuming and they were just too busy to spend the time to read and digest the data to make their own decision so they were going to leave it up to us to perform this task. We are sorry but because of the volume of work we have to do in our efforts to provide this service we can no longer spend the time to make those decisions anymore.

We hope you understand and respect our time and point of view.

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All members can utilize the great time and expense CG went to just review the cams on the review section. I used it to further my choices on several selections prior to purchasing items. I REALLY got a more broader view on different items from the great information forum members shared on this great site.
I enjoy reading good or bad comments they post as this is totally unbiased posts of what real time operation situations we all encounter with the cams and extras we can add to them.
Again, I appreciate all the great posts from everyone who take the time to share needed information and pics!
I would direct new members to take some added time and look through active and inactive posts regarding their brand search. I'm not included in the emailing questions but, I never had to because of the great responses from the gang here!

I really enjoy this site and will be donating to the cause as soon as I can to keep it alive.

Thanks to members and Chasingame!
I agree with Ghostman. I found the site this morning at about 4:30 am PST while getting up to bid on a present for my son on Ebay.. I also profited from the individual experiences shared but more than that, I enjoyed the stories that backed up those experiences. You can't get that from a chart.

I almost bought a camera model that had a horrible history based on real, hands-on insight, and I selected one that I feel more confident about going with on the same basis.

Great forum!
I just wanted to say thanks for all the info provided here, and the effort put into maintaining a place for people to read it. I don't post as often as most, but I do read ALOT from this site and enjoy all the reviews and member info provided, thanks again!
Hi All,
I'm newly registered today and I'm glad that this site exists. I love to learn from others experiences and will be investing in more cameras in the near future as it is very gratifying to see what comes up on a game trail, over a scrape or salt lick. I've been a successful gun and bow hunter in middle to N. Georgia for 20 years and have enjoyed getting my kids (5 and 8) out in the woods with me to set up camera traps.
I'll resist the temptation to ask what's best for me, but I'm dying to know :)
Take care all!/ FlintRiver
I have based my camera buying from the forum gossip . If I start hearing a lot of good things about a certain camera I will probably get one and stay away from the ones I hear bad things about.
I just bought a Covert MP6 based on all the great comments I heard onthis form. Hell if it wasn't for the forums I would probably never heard of half the cameras available and probably ended up with a piece of crap Cudeback because that's what you see one TV that all the super hunters rave about in commercials.
I have to admit that I base my opinion on Cudeback from my buddies experience. Nothing but trouble and poor customer service. He doesn't visit this site. Look what it got him.

The only bad choice I made was in 2010 when I jumped the gun on the Bushnell Trophy Cams. The 09 BTC were thought of very high here, so I thought the 2010 were the same,,,,,,Wrong!!! I bought mine before they were tested on here, but since have been taken care off by Bushnell. Some of the comme[…]

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