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November 2017

Chasingame is proud to announce its role as premium dealer for the Ridgetec Outdoors camera products. New and innovative products are coming in 2018 to include cellular cameras with 4G LTE for North America, including all flavors of networks, AT&T, Verizon, and Canadian carriers.

Chasingame will be adding several cameras to its store in the coming weeks as well as the accessories. I appreciate the support and patronage over the years as well as everyone who participates on our forum and works hard to help others with questions and issues. I am proud of this community. I believe there is still room for forums in the "Facebook" era.

Ridgetec Outdoors Site

The ridgetec Portal:
Ridgetec Camera Portal

**Now available from Chasingame**

2018 Ridgetec Lookout 4G LTE Cellular Scouting Camera:
This high speed 4G LTE camera is Compatible with AT&T, Verizon, and major networks in Canada. The camera supports photo and video uploads to the Ridgetec Portal. Just sign up for a free account, purchase a data plan and you are connected. The Lookout comes with the first month of full service at no cost.

The RidgeTec Lookout 4G LTE in our store: ... ng-camera/" target="_blank" target="_blank
So far I've liked what I have seen with this new company... I haven't purchased many new cams in the last two years mainly due to not having as much time as I used to before I started my new job. But I am definitely interested in making a purchase soon and will probably give one of these a try...i did purchase a cuddeback ir a few months ago and have to say it is probably the worst cam I have ever had in my arsenal. I only paid 40 bucks for it brand new, but would have rather have saved my money now and bought a tasco :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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