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Could you guys do me a favor and post up some information and a link to this topic on some other forums where CG members might hang out so all have a fair chance ?

like Texas bowhunting, Archery talk, etc ... also, Facebook I suppose. I am not sure how CG members are connected if at all.

Also, I posted a copy of the RidgeTec FieldStaff agreement above. If you plan to win then please read this agreement.
This weeks contest begins now. Please copy the link to the contest and post on other forums where Chasingame members might hang out so they have a fair chance to win.


Good Luck !!! :D
We gave away the first Lookout yesterday to one lucky winner. A new give away will begin on Monday 10/01/2018.

If you are a winner please do not enter again so others have a chance to win.
is this still going on? The way I read it one camera is given away each week. I only see one camera that has been won.

Ooops. :mrgreen: I was so busy I forgot to create one on Monday. I just made the topic so you can vote. Look for Monday 10/22/2018 Give away.

thanks for the reminder.
Look in the ridgetec camera forum. I create a new sticky each week. It has the Monday XX/XX/2018 date in it too.

Make your guess of a number between 1 and 999 there as a reply.

Here it is:
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