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I decided it was time to disclose to everyone what was up here at Chasingame and with myself and my career.

If you have any questions please reply and ask.
Thanks for the update. The twists and turns of life can bring us to surprising places and times. I'm hoping your software company assets paid dividends for the twenty years of hard work and dedication. I believe all of us here wish you the best luck in your latest venture with not only Ridgetec, but also with this website. We have all benefitted from your hard work and long hours over the years in the countless un-bias product reviews. Unlike other websites who review cameras only to market the products they review in order to generate income. Now that you are part of Ridgetec, I believe you have used your years of experience in camera testing to develop a superior product. Keep up the good work, we all wish you the best of success.
I appreciate everything you have done and the long hours you have sacrificed on building amd and maintaining chasingame. Over the last 6 or 7 years the evolvment of trail cam have come a long way and do believe that your site has helped all trail cam manufacturers in a positive way. And imo, from what I've seen with your ridgetech cams, you hit a homerun in the development and design of these cams. Im definitely gonna order one for myself after Christmas and can't wait to use it. Thanks again Anthony
Thats great. Thank you.

In the beginning we really pissed off a lot of people at the big name companies with our honest reviews. then they realized. Uh oh, those guys are right.

then most seem to get with the program and started working with us to improve their products. Then I became a prerelease test service for free. At some point I said no more. I just don't have time to be your R&D certification engineer for free.

Cuddeback was the main one that would not accept our feedback and remained dead set against us. they even had their attorneys send us this official letter stating we HAD to remove all reviews and mention of Cuddeback in our reviews to date and never post anything about them again.

My attorney said we were covered under free speech and he wrote them a letter to that affect. Then Cuddeback got a trade name on the word "blackflash" for what reason I do not know. Then they told us we could not longer use that term.

Chasingame originated the term. they sent official letters to all manufacturers to cease and desist the use of "blackflash" in their product literature, retail boxes, websites etc.

All complied, and as you will notice they all say "Black IR" stuff like that now. Well we did not remove the word "blackflash" from our site as they mandated. Once again our attorney said that because we coined the phrase "blackflash" and it was on dated material predating their trademark application it had become part of common vernacular (or whatever he called it). so we never stopped using that either.


So, I will say now that the Ridgetec Lookout has BLACKFLASH.


I appreciate all those who have continued using Chasingame forum and stuck around in the "Facebook" era. I also ask you, if you believe in the Ridgetec product, to help me spread the word about it. We are just getting started in an expensive world of R&D, marketing and sales promotions, now going up against those guys who have been in business for decades. It will be an uphill battle but I believe the product speaks for itself.

As we grow, our permanent goal is to produce the highest quality products with leading edge features and to provide customers with the best service we can.

It was hard losing my software company to changing economy. Our customers, banks across the USA began to go out of business in the late 2000's and early 2010's. WE had hundreds of banks and were losing customers left and right as banks became insolvent or upside down on mortgage loans and the FDIC would take over. Those that survived had to tighten their belts and choose banking software that was the cheapest (but not the best). We were NOT the cheapest.

I had 35 employees and began layoffs that continued until 2015 when there were no more employees. In 2013 I was divorced and still running a company taking no payroll. I went 2 years without pay. I finally decided to reinvent myself and learned web development. I proposed to Spartan a collaboration and helped design their system under contract. It became a success but ended after a year. No more income after 2015. I got a job early 2016 that lasted a year.

I finally decided to make a living bringing Ridgetec to market a year ago. I am hoping to get a paycheck soon :mrgreen:

I feel good about our team, a group of people that believe in quality and family values. They are hunters themselves and know what to expect from a scouting camera. I too know what to expect having handled a 1000 of them. I know with your help we will succeed.

Thank you.
Keep on keeping on Anthony!!!!!!!
I've enjoyed the site the years I've been on it and still do....
Thank you!!!!!!
Your definitely a fighter, and a person who doesn't give up easily are the ones that succeed. You will have a bright future because of your past success and experience in this industry. Being a small business (co) owner with my wife, we have found that word of mouth is more important than a clever marketing strategy. In the end, the bottom line is if a product actually does what it says it does. Not what the side of the packaging says it "will do". I've been pitching the Ridgetec cameras to everyone I know that hunts. Showing them my iphone app and how the photos and info is delivered to my fingertips. And how affordable the monthly rate is with generous downloads/month, in hops of guiding them your way.
Made me laugh! I had completely forgotten about yodercam. BWT, I'm still running those old orions and still have not had any real camera failures. I've sent some back to replace the battery connectors and lexan lens covers that get scratched, but the cameras themselves have been running 24/7/365 since I got them. They are way out of date technology-wise by today's standards, but I just can't seem to kill those workhorses. I bought one of their newer series cameras and bases for testing years ago because I figured the Orions would eventually die.

Have a Merry Christmas and hope all goes well with your entry into the market!


Thats great Jack and thank you. I sold most of the old Buckeyecam stuff I have but I a few pieces include some really nice antennas in my shop. could you use those ?
A guy I know on another forum had an Orion system with a bunch of antennas and stuff. He was moving and decided to sell it all at a good price. I figured that eventually, BEC would run out of parts for the Orion system when I eventually have failures, so I bought his system for backup. I couldn't stand having them sitting on the shelf, so I deployed them!

I've updated this site with my latest email address (no longer my username). Drop me an email with a list of what you want to get rid of and how much you want for it and I'll see if I think I can use it.


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