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By reaperman
Some small ants were able to squeeze inside one of my Primos 01 cams. The camera closes tight and I've never had any issues with water leaking inside. But somehow hundreds of these little guys got inside and started setting up home. I mixed up a small dose of Permethrin in a spray bottle and sprayed both inside and outside of the camera. I checked the following day and problem solved. What I like about Permethrin is its so concentrated when mixed with water (1 ounce/gallon) is no lingering odor.
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By Woody S
My cameras are in steel boxes to protect them from bears and riff-raff and ants just love to best in those boxes. So ... I spray inside to boxes with Permethrin spray about every other month when I change the cards and batteries. It works well to keep ants and spiders out of the boxes, but doesn't do anything about the slugs that sometimes take up residence.
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By reaperman
Permethrin works great for any kind of insect, I'm surprised it wont deter slugs. Perhaps mix a bit stronger dose. The stuff I buy is 36%, the strongest a consumer can buy. Alot of permethrin sold at farm supply stores is only 2%, and the strongest I've ever saw was 10%. Commercial mosquito sprayers use Permethrin to spray residential yards for insect control. A single spraying is normally effective for three weeks, its good stuff.
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