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About 6 months ago I bought 4 duracell 8AH SLA and put in my rack mount UPS. The other day I noticed the APC UPs showed an error on the battery.. So, I got mad and ordered a new UPS that shipped with batteries,

Yesterday I opened the APC and found one battery had leaked acid.

The others looked ok, not bulging or anything. I am hoping they are ok and the I can use them as external batteries for my cellular test cameras.

So I have a charger designed for SLA. I hooked one up on charge yesterday afternoon. the light on the charger goes from amber/orange/greeen.

Well this morning, it is part orange part green which means not finished yet and the battery is warm.

If the battery is warm, is this a bad sign or normal? I don't ever remember the battery getting warm while charging? I hate to think that all 4 of these are bad.

I paid $30/ea at batteries plus (rip off but I had to have them right then)

any thoughts?
Update: I got a battery tester which puts the battery under a load and the battery tested bad. No amount of charging would ever bring the battery to 12v. I couldn't get any higher than 10.5. It was really bad I would say.
If it was leaking acid it sounds like they were overcharged possibly, got hot and boiled out a bit. Even though they say sealed lead acid they can still leak if they are boiled I've noticed. Was a solar panel hooked to them or just a charger? I'm running agm batteries, wont ever leak like a SLA can and seem to hold up better.
Actually 4 of them were in my APC rack mount UPS. I am guessing the UPS over charged them and ruined them. Not happy but oh well. I unhooked that UPS and purchased a brand new rack mount one.

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