Trail Camera Discussion of Manufactured Cameras.
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By michaelb
I have several trail cams in my yard. One of them is overlapped by a surveillance camera. The surveillance camera often will "see" the trailcam light up (in video mode) display an animal in front of the trailcam briefly then move on. The trail camera shows no posing animal. My question is, what is the nomenclature of the trigger event from the flash to turn on compared to the camera starting recording?
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By Anthony
I define trigger time as ....

the amount of elapsed time from the motion event to the frame capture. In the case of video the trigger time is quite often slower than photo because unlike photo where it can be stored completely in memory, the video subsystem must first access the sd card, create and assign a file name in FAT then begin recording streaming the file to the sd card. a video file can far exceed the memory capacity of the camera so you can understand the process here.

Try your camera in photo mode and you may find that it captures the image much quicker.
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By michaelb
Photo is quicker. I think some manufactures promote the trigger time when there is detection and light turns on. In this case camera was advertised as 0.6 sec for video. From detection to recording was more like 2 seconds.
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By WoodsWatcher
It's even worse, for the video, when having it take a picture and then a video. I've gotten so many videos of nothing. Only do that for certain set-ups now.
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