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By michbow
Do you guys know of any way to protect your trail cameras extetnal power cable from getting chewed up by critters?
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By Anthony
I will soon be selling a woven PVC sheathing that is deeply impregnated with Capsaicin. I have had good results from my testing. My plan is to sell a roll of 15ft for say $10. You will cut to length and slide on your cables. you should wear gloves while handling it.
By CanadaJack
I'm in for that Anthony, bears have been beating the heck out of my cords this year. Will you ship to Canada?
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By ko4nrbs
Where’s this at now?
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By Anthony
Honestly I have been so busy I have not purchased a spool of this yet. One issue is I need a different diameter for my Ridgetec cables than you would so I need to buy two spools and the minimum is 200 feet per spool (I think). I promise I will check on it today.

How many feet will you need ?
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