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By Anthony
We got a contract with a nuclear energy department and they wanted a T-Post system. I wanted a way to use our own swivel as a stand alone or with the T-Post without using a hose clamp. so we designed this T-Post hanger that allows the swivel mount to attach as well as our solar kit bracket.

You can also direct mount a camera using a 1/4-20 threaded bolt. or you can attach a security box directly then sort of bend or push the T-post for aim.

You can also put the camera in a security box on the swivel.

These are in production now and will be powder coated with UV light protection and salt spray resistance. the nuclear plant is in Florida so they said to make sure its salt spray resistant. That costs a bit more in the powder chosen but in the end I expect it will just be more durable in the long run.

We will be able to ship these soon since we had to make a lot of them. the swivel and the T-post bracket are sold separately and include all the hardware.

Any thoughts?
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By csb
I made these up a couple of years back. Easy to adjust, clamps well to T post.
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By reaperman
Even cheaper yet. I don't do much T-posting but I thought of these a while ago. Just cut the front off and drill two holes. The same can be done to the plastic mounts that are made for electric fence poles.
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By Anthony
Swivel Bracket:
• Retail = $34.95

T Post Bracket
• Retail = $24.95

Keep in mind part of the reason the t-post bracket is designed this way is to also create a support system for our solar kit (and the larger one used in the tundra by Canada oil and gas companies) on a taller t-post. we couldn't use a tiny little eye-bolt and parts like that. It had to be substantial and uses 12 gauge steel as well.

So the bracket will hold and allow for the mounting of the solar kit. Its been raining but this week end I will get some photos of that set up.
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