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By reaperman
Recently I updated computers and decided to go with the new M1 Mac mini. Having always used a window pc, I find the Mac similar in a lot of ways but not with all things. Viewing trail cam photos and videos in windows is much simpler. My question is what app or program are any users using to view their trail cam content. The default photo viewer isn't user friendly whatsoever. And I don't want to dump all of the photos onto the computer just to view them. The default viewer does allow this feature, but there are no arrows to simply click to the next photo. The keyboard space bar and arrows must be used instead, and the thumbnail size isn't adjustable from what I can tell. Which makes it difficult to sort thru a lot of photos quickly without opening them up. Thanks
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By reaperman
That why I switched to Mac. My old system has windows 7, when I use my wife's laptop with windows 10, its a different beast. I'm not sure why apple can't come up with a better default viewer other than using keyboard arrows, the space bar, and tiny thumbnails. I'm sure there is a better app out there I just have to find it.
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