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By reaperman
It seems to offer a lot for the price. Reliability, durability, and longevity come into question. At this price point, its cheaper than a lot of non cellular units, I have to wonder why. I'd like to stick one in my backyard for a winter to see how it handles some real weather. I purposely kept my Ridgetec out for the past 2, going on 3 winters now. Its saw temps as low as -40F without issues. Starting tonight, for the next 10 days or so, it will see another round of - teens to over -20 plus below zero. Cellular cams need to be especially reliable for those who count on them from 100's of miles away.

There is a sticky on the "cold camera challenge".viewtopic.php?f=1&t=45947
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By Anthony
I know the costs on this technology and I am baffled how a unit that retails for $99 leaves enough meat on the bones for retailers to get their 35% margin, Moultrie to get its 20% margin, and the factory in China to make them and also make a profit.
By picdic
$99. that's decent. now, that's american, i'm guessing. soo, only about $250 canadian.

i see they are also connected to knight&hale and code blue. maybe they could have it grunt and bleat and spray some doe pee too.
By Sodbuster
For anyone looking to buy the Delta directly from Moultrie try code THANKYOU20 at checkout and it should give you 20% off your order making it an $80 camera. Code expires 12/31.
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Moultire has no idea when it will be released ....they claimed it would be out today May 7th, but now they claim maybe later this month if not sometime in June....They said the reason for the delay is they want all or any bugs out before releasing.....You would think after all this time they would of solved any all issues
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By Gforce
They may be having the same problem that others are having, no chips or electronic components. Hyundai and other car manufactures are having to cut production because of a shortage of electronic components.
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chip issue maybe a issue, but Tactacam came out with their new model on time and they did some good advertisements to promote it, where as Moultrie has not
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Moultrie's customer service people told me today three different releases times.

One was spring 2021, Ummm we are currently in spring 2021

Second was, they customer service has not been given any release date by Moultrie

Third was, a simple spoon
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