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Thank you for the kind words sir.

Once every couple of weeks I broadcast by hand about a quart of corn spreading that over 50 feet by 20 feet area.

Every hunter in Georgia that I have ever met uses deer feeders and salt blocks. there are no reported cases of CWD in Ga yet but thats no guarantee it doesn't come in.

Ga Dept of wildlife says the biggest threat is the importation of live animals from states with the CWD.

I observe quit often, naturally and not by any motivation from humans, deer licking each other and grooming each other. I am not sure you can stop CWD really with this going on.

Shouldn't the state department outlaw deer feeders and salt blocks?

what measures do you take sir to stop CWD in your area?
Agreed, there may not be any way to stop/control CWD once it appears among deer in any particular area. BUT feeding deer is one of the best ways to bring deer into contact with each other and spread not just CWD but other contagious diseases like hemorrhagic disease, bovine tuberculous and mange.

I've never fed deer and never will and almost 30 years ago worked to eliminate feeders from a large block (well over 10,000 acres) of land -- and that was before CWD. States should be working to prohibit feeding but may well not even try because of political pressure from folks who feed deer. Some states have partial or complete bans on feeding: Wisconsin, Michigan, Missouri, New York and probably more -- and more will do so. Now I'll get off my soap box and end this exchange because I'll probably never persuade you that feeding is bad for deer nor will you persuade me that it's harmless. Let's just enjoy each others camera trap photos.
In Minnesota, we have outbreaks of CWD and each time it seems to be traced to a deer farm. Sometimes the DNR makes the deer farm decimated its herd. But lately it has been more lenient and allows the farms to eliminate the ones that tested positive and monitor the remainder. But this has come at the expense of the hunters. During hunting season, the DNR will mandate any deer shot in a given area must bring part of the deer to a registration station for testing. If any deer tests positive a special hunt will follow with a limitless number of deer taken during a given time period. A perfect example is two more special hunts were just announced for the end of Jan and early Feb. ... 503876742/

In Minnesota we cannot bait deer for hunting purposes but salt blocks are legal. Lately in potential CDW areas, salt is not legal or feeding deer whatsoever any time of the year.
I would say yes. for over 10 years each year we get 12 deer tags 10 antlerless and two antlered. Season begins on 09/8 and ends on 01/13.

thats enough time to find a few. for many years I shot 7+ each year but I just got tired of all the deer processing and sausage making. :mrgreen:
Holy hell that's alot of tags per person! Little off topic but what are you allowed to hunt with there? This is the first year we can shoot big game with a rife as small as a .223, everyone is losing thier mind on the forums though thinking it's not big enough for deer. I cant wait to blast one with my 22-250 next year.
So much in one post. Anthony, great video. Love to see healthy herds post season. Took a short ride about dusk about a week ago. Deer count hit 58. So we have a few left as well.

Now as happens far too frequently, a simple post gets twisted sideways and totally off topic. This post got mention of two of the best for that. CWD and yo gun aint big enough to kill ants with.
:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

the first 3 weeks of the season is Archery. The third week is Archery/Primitive (muzzle loaders). After that its rifles included. I do not know of any regs. I know people who shoot deer with pistols.

I use 7mm-08 primarily.
Another nice PA buck

Should be another good one.

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