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I have this camera on a stand about 12 feet from an area under a low hanging bush. the camera is the Lookout Dual running on Verizon.

I used a long stick and scratched all the pine straw and leaves back, then continued to break up some of the dirt. Each weekend I repeat this procedure and spray it with Buck Bomb Estrous.

I plan to test some other products on the scrape too as time goes by like Tinks. This Buck Bomb seems to work well and the reason I like it for this is that its a spray and I can mist some over a large surface area and on the leaves.

I set this camera up a few weeks back and get interest each time I rejuvenate it but its still too early for it to work on its on.

My goal is to get them coming to this spot and as rut approaches have all the bucks in the area use and already be used to the camera.

This camera is online on the Ridgetec demo camera page. If you want to check it from time time. For me this is very interesting.
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This morning's activity after freshening it up. Today I realized I was a bit too close and backed the camera up some. the new aim is much better I think. This video is before I backed it up.

This is the new aim this morning
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Has anyone else tried creating mock scrapes and what techniques do you use ?

I've heard that me-pee is pretty good. But with this camera live on the internet I don't want to scare anyone trying that. A lot of people are afraid of snakes. :mrgreen:
Isnt it a bit early for mock scrapes? Around here its mid october before a buck would be interested. I've saw bucks stop and smell mock scrapes early in the season but smelling is all they do.
Yes, it is early which is part of my experiment. My goal is to get them coming and keep them coming until its a naturla scrape from the bucks and does when season is approaching. camera is set up and they'll be used to it.
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