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By meintjies
New member from Scotland and thought I start with a video. Taken next to my house with my first trail camera a few evenings ago. I knew we had foxes in the field but not about the badger. Also interesting to note the two of them seem to be comfortable in each others company. I do put out some dog food twice a week for the foxes and have now started adding peanuts for the badger. Tried apples and carrots for the badger but they enjoy the peanuts more it seems.

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By Anthony
I editted your post... no need to use bbcodes and enclose in [url]. the system has a plugin that recognises yourtube, vimeo etc and shows the video as playable in the forum.
By meintjies
Thanks, took notes.Been spending way to much time last night going thru posts. So many tips I found. Will try a few of them, especially use of 6V battery and concealment. Bought some coma tape also.
By meintjies
Woody S wrote:Good catches. If the camo tape you have is anything like the one I used here the green portions may well fade to blue after it's exposed to sunlight for a while.
I'll keep that in mind, but here in Scotland waterproof is more important than UV proof at the moment. I will probably for now use it during the night and retrieve it in the mornings, until I get my concealment perfected. We do have problem in town with thefts and that is what I'll be using it for when I am on holiday. Can mount it up high on the wall and get a dedicated 6v power supply lead installed. Been testing the LtL Acorn 6210MG for that purpose. Got it to send txt message but no image yet. Trying a few things now.

But I did come to the conclusion Battery Power is probably 99% of the solution.

I have 4 BTC 5HDX and 2 of the 4 would not power w[…]

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