Please post ideas for security features, mounting brackets and stands. Please include photos and designs for everyone to see.
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By Deeraddict
Does anyone have any experience with the Stic-N-Pic??? Is it any good? I have a soy bean field edge I want to put a camera on and can't find any decent trees for a cam to go. I thought maybe this looked like it would solve my problem. Anyone have one?
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By NantucketShedHunter
I may get one of these. People worry that you cannot lock your cam when you use one.
Check out the video on their site. Especially the ending.
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By T-post
My very first product, 6 years ago, which I still sell, is a "T-Post Mount"...they are very popular here in Texas, but not so much as you head North. I've strived to make the T-Post Mount as universal as possible, but there are so many cameras out now, that it's just not possible. I considered discontinuing the T-Post Mount, but folks keep asking for I'll keep cranking them out...they just won't fit 100% of the cameras out there any more. This year I did add a couple of "keyholes" for attaching most of the Primos cameras.
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By hookedoncameras
Some how I ended up with some old camera Tripods, probably from garage sales and have used them with some success.
They have the 1/4" thread attachment and fit the Tropy Cam, Uways and Cudde.
i just plant them in a patch of tall weeds and adjust the camera height so you can just see the camera.
It is kind of covert especially if you are on a fence line with lots of scrub growth behind the camera.
By bow ninja
The first time you use a Stic-N-Pic it's definitely an Ah-Ha moment. All things frustrating about trail cam set up just go away.
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By Roscoe
I purchased a Stic-n-Pic last year and really like it. Theft has not been an issue in our woods so far. Only issue I ever have with it is related to our area and getting the thing in the ground....difficult to impossible in rocky or hard pan soil.

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