Please post ideas for security features, mounting brackets and stands. Please include photos and designs for everyone to see.
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By RR_Security
That's MIG as in Metal Inert Gas welding, not as in Russki aircraft (MiG). :lol:
I was clearing out old PMs, and found one from Pic-N-Stick mentioning that he'd like to see these photos. (Thanks for the reminder, Pic.)

I've run across a lot of places where I'd like to put a camera for surveillance, but just couldn't find a good way to mount a security case and still have horizontal and vertical adjustment for the cam's field of view. ("Pan" and "tilt" respectively, if they were remote-control cameras.)
A lot of the movable mounts on the market have a knob for tightening the mount once everything's lined up. I thought one of those could be subject to unwanted movement, unless it was put well up out of reach. A cable lock would probably keep the cam from being taken away, but might not keep someone from cranking it away from where it was supposed to be aimed, by unscrewing the locking knob.

When bolted to a security case, the Universal Mount from Custom1 allows a pretty much tamper-proof mount on a tree or utility pole, with good horizontal and vertical adjustment, but those won't work on a wall or some of the other places I need to hang a cam. (<> or any page showing the cases.)

The Articulating Mount from PM-AM Enterprises was what I needed, but it requires some welding to combine it with a security case. (The bad news: the Articulating Mounts are now out of production. :( )
Here are some pics of PM-AM mounts welded to Custom1 cases for Bushnell Trophy Cam and Ltl Acorn 5210MM.

Below is a Ltl Acorn on an old piece of rail used for something called a "telltale," back in the steam days. The remaining telltales along our line have provided me with some good expedient signposts, but this was the only time I added a cam to one. The cam was up too high for the cable on the SLA battery to reach, so I mounted the battery box up higher, too. Everything was cable-locked together, and the PM-AM mount was screwed into the wood block behind it. The blocks were there originally to provide more rigidity for the stainless steel bands holding the "NO TRESPASSING" sign to the rail, and get the sign oriented so intruders would see it. (Not that they obey it, hence the camera.) I've since taken the cam and its associated gear to another location.

Next is a BTC bolted to a U-channel signpost. One of the bolts on the "NO ATVs, etc." sign passes through the hole in the back plate on the PM-AM mount. (I drilled out the hole a little, to accept the 5/16" bolts used on the signs.) I use theft-resistant nuts and bolts on the signs, so there's another impediment to theft or tampering besides the cable lock. I've since realized that with the cable lock secured at the bottom, the security case could be tipped downward, so I'm going to use a different arrangement for that.

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