Please post ideas for security features, mounting brackets and stands. Please include photos and designs for everyone to see.
By Eglock86
Well after having 3 treestands and 1 camera stolen i decide to give them a thieves little challenge so here it is.... made of "1/4 plate i will lag bolt it to the tree using 4-"5/8 x "8 lag bolts and im going to weld a chain to the box and chain it to the tree. The lock you see is a $250 (i didnt buy it) mul-t-lock padlock with a "9/16 protected shank. Its not done but since i dont have anymore stands to hunt ill have a little time on my hands..ill keep posting pics as i finish it just stick building this as i go so if you see anything i missed or have any suggestions im all ears thanks guys





By Eglock86
Ditto...Those are some darn nice welds! :D

How are you bending that 1/4" plate?

We have a press break that will bend up to "1 1/8 thick
By SportsmanNH
That thing looks grenade proof ! :shock: You building a sherman tank ? :shock:

Its going to weigh 10 lbs when you are done ! :lol:

It looks awsum.
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By hookedoncameras
Sure looks like you have it covered :wink:
only thing left for thieves to do is chainsaw the tree where the camera is attached.

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