Please post ideas for security features, mounting brackets and stands. Please include photos and designs for everyone to see.
Was it locked to the tree?
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By aulen
nope, no cable spot on that one. and no box. :oops:

shouldn't have to lock things up to keep people from taking things that arn't theirs
There is a place on those cameras where the two halves come together where you can thread a small python cable lock through. Anything to slow the bums down and make them move on to an easier cam to rip off.
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By Ol Arky
Did the 09 Bushnell have a cable through slot?????

Hate that it happened but it will happen again if the wrong person sees ya cameras and they are unsecure... :cry: :cry:
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By Mjn1979
I just don't understand why some individuals feel it is necessary to steal from others. I use 5/16 python cables for all my cams but my wgi cams and use the 3/16 python threaded through the bungee strap holders.
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By dbaxter
Sorry about your cam! :cry: I hate thieves. :evil:

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By tomp
I don't know anyone here in TX that has ever had a cam stolen. Basicly eveybody here hunts private property.

Same here, in Texas and never heard of anyone either. I'm sure it's happened, just not very common in my neck of the woods.
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By RR_Security
Sorry to hear about that. I agree, it sucks that we have to lock up something that's out in the woods, but that's "the way of the world" today, I guess. :x
There's always that small percentage of people who will take anything that's not nailed down, and some of those will take things that are nailed down. If they're poaching game or otherwise being dirtbags-in-the-woods, they probably don't want their picture taken, either.

I don't know where Mstan99999 was located, and he hasn't posted anything here for over a year, but this thread shows that security cases aren't a guarantee against theft of a cam: <>
But a good case with a good padlock, and something to make sure the case stays where you put it, can make many thieves just move on in search of something that's easier to steal.

Besides maybe hiding one cam to "watch" a more obvious decoy cam, some of the guys here have suggested various labels to make a potential thief think twice about stealing a cam. A clear label with black text wouldn't be easily noticed until somebody was right in front of the cam, and then they'd see something like "YOU BETTER MAKE SURE YOU FIND ALL OF THEM." Even if there's only one camera around, they'll be left wondering how many other cams got their picture, and where those cams might be. :twisted:

You might consider putting your cam(s) up above eye level, too. That'll make more work for you to change the memory card (I have to carry around a folding ladder so I can reach some of my cams), but if thief doesn't even notice a cam, that's good. If the cam is where he can't get his grubby mitts on it, that's even better.

Hope you have better luck with any other/future setups.
I doubt a knuckle-dragging mouth-breathing thief would be smart enough to think that.

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