Please post ideas for security features, mounting brackets and stands. Please include photos and designs for everyone to see.
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By wv-outdoor
Very nice!!!
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By robnj
great job

In the center of Spain can easily reach over 100 ° F in July and August. It will be a good time to check it! :)

Possibly work better epoxy type adhesives, but be more difficult to remove, if necessary.

Julian Zamora
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By backroads
I have seen this type of bark coverage before on another site. It wasn't a "how-to" video just a slide show.

My thoughts. It looks GREAT! But, doesn't it sorta create a habitat for bugs and such? Especially once the bark is exposed to moisture. Just a thought. :?
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By rgilley
thats neat.....if they had put the honeycombed camo tape on would have been basically invisible...

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