Please post ideas for security features, mounting brackets and stands. Please include photos and designs for everyone to see.
I was using my camlockbox swivel brackets for a while and noticed the fasteners that connect the camlockbox to the swivel bracket were rusting worse every time I looked at them. I started to get worried that at some point they would rust so bad I wouldn't be able to get them off anymore. In November I measured it all out and ordered stainless hardware to replace all the nuts, balls, studs and posting it up here now that it's been around 6 months in the woods and the stainless is not rusting at all and still looks new in case anybody else is thinking of doing the same.

Part numbers ordered from McMaster-Carr (nobody local to me carries what I needed)
91343A200 - 316 stainless 5/16"-18 thread serrated locknuts
90575A593 - 316 stainless threaded stud 5/16"-18 thread 2-1/2" length
6954K19 - 303 stainless ball knob 5/16"-18 thread 1" diameter

Old hardware compared to the new:

Mounted on a camera, I usually cover up the ball with leaves so that it doesn't reflect the sun in sunny areas:

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Now it's safe!