Please post ideas for security features, mounting brackets and stands. Please include photos and designs for everyone to see.
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By bobcat
The one cam I'd had stolen years ago I'm convinced was because it was spotted by the 2" black strap around the tree that could be spotted a mile away.

I never use those straps as they can be spotted a mile away. It would be much better if they would make them a light grey color. I use a long shoe string and cord lock on my cams. Much less spottable.

Really thin copper wire works well too.
By picdic
i agree with what everyone is saying. if someone wants something bad enough, and it can be anything for that matter, then they can/will get it.
that said, i won't put any of my cams out without being in lockboxes. i'm at least going to do my best to protect my investments. mine are just as much for pretection from bears. the biggest thing i do to help prevent theft, is i don't put my cams in the obvious places, the places that are the "natural" places to walk. if there's clear, obvious game trails, i'm not setting right on them, i will try to lacate a less obvious trail that's nearby. now that also means probably missing the best cam opportunities, but keeping my cams is kinda high on my priority list.
luckily in my parts, the huge majority of hunters these days never get out of their trucks, they just road-hunt, driving up and down every road, trail, and path there is. so the small % of guys who are actually putting their boots to ground, and then actually going into the trees as well, the chances are pretty high that they are old-school hunters and fairly good, respectful people, like myself.
a lockbox will definitely deter a thief, much like having a club on your steering wheel, or simply locking your car doors. a thief usually doesn't want to work too hard. but, if i checked my cam and it had pics of someone snooping and paying a little too much attention to it, i would definitely move it, as they might just get that urge to come back with some tools.
being that we attach them to trees, nothing is going to be 100%, a saw can have that tree down in no time. i just feel better though, knowing that i am doing everything i can to make them as protected as can be.

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