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By saleenadam
First off, I love Camlockbox products and use them on every one of my cameras along with one of their swivel brackets. That being said I want to say that the Camlockbox for the LTL Acorn 6210MC is poorly designed. I post this up here in the hope that they do not use this design in the future and go back to what works, have also emailed them about it.

The traditional camockbox design for my other 6 cameras is two pieces with four slots in the front side of the back piece that mate with four protruding areas on the front piece. That design prevents the box from falling open while you are locking it or if you are placing it somewhere that a lock is not needed. The Acorn box on the other hand is a completely different design. The Acorn box is three pieces with the third piece being a small metal tab that has to be locked on the front bottom to keep the box closed. Acorn box on left below, Scoutguard SG550 box on right for comparison. The tape is on the boxes to hide my information engraved on them.


The issue with this design is that unless you use a python cable in both the back portion of the box and loop it through the bottom using the small metal piece the box will continuously fall open. It is impossible to use this box without a python cable in both places.

Python cable in back of box only:


My personal preference is to use a python cable through the back portion and one of the Masterlock 317KA camouflage padlocks in the bottom portion with one of the cable loop things (not sure what they are called) locked around the tree under the shackle of the padlock as seen below on the Bushnell 119476C since it gives two separate locks that thieves have to deal with…it has prevented an attempted theft in the past.

With the Acorn box due to addition of the the small metal piece on the bottom a normal padlock cannot be used because the shackle will not clear:

A padlock will fit if you remove the metal piece but the box hangs open because nothing is holding the two main portions together:

But anyways, just wanted to share my issue with this box in the hopes that this design is not used on future Camlockbox models.

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