Please post ideas for security features, mounting brackets and stands. Please include photos and designs for everyone to see.
By hungryman
you need to buy a longer bolt than 1" . At that length the nylon in the nut doesn't have enough bite to keep it from turning. Even better yet..... buy it long enough so you can double nut it later if you need to.

By redbulladdict
I am in the process of making this mount :

i found that ball swivel on ebay for 3-4$ shipped and that bolt is called a "hanger bolt" which i picked up at my local hardware store for 40-50 cents. So for under $5 I can make that.

That looks really awesome! Seems easy to steal though.
By puhlw
Could you bend the bolt that goes into the tree at a 90degree angle? This would give you a handle to screw it in the tree and allow the ball to be upright with probably more adjustment.
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By bobcat
I made a couple of these last year and they work great. I added a rubber washer that goes between the wing nut and camera.
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By ribsyj
I try and use shortest lag possible. Camera sticks out like sore thumb from side when it to far from tree. To many thieves in my area.
How do you guys get the mount into a tree. Especially a hardwood tree. Do you pre drill?
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By bobcat
Most I don't have any problem starting in the tree but I also keep a screw in tree step to get it started if necessary.
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By ribsyj
Never had problem getting them in any trees. I also use stainless screw eyelets which seem a lil sharper.

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