Please post ideas for security features, mounting brackets and stands. Please include photos and designs for everyone to see.
By MathewsShooter30

I currently do not have an over the market camera security box. I am looking towards a retro fit on a few of the boxes. Typically how much lateral movement or clearance are there in the boxes? Do you guys have any pics of the door opens with the camera in?

Thank you all
There is no wiggle room in my lock boxes. Sorry, no pictures of mine.
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By Ol Arky
Mine have no wiggle room side to side and maybe just a very small bit front to back. No pictures either.
By Big JohnP
The old Moultrie boxes for the I-60 used to have a little bit of play. I used to fix that with strips of hard foam. The newer boxes like the Camlock boxes are much better fitting and do not let the cams move in them.

I use them all the time with my cams. You have to get the model for your specific cams. No pics here either.
By scdeerslayer
It probably varies by model but with the camlockbox they are designed so that the ridge where the two halves of the cam meet would sit on the edge of the back piece, leaving room between the back of the cam and the back of the box. I think this is for cams that don't have a python slot to allow room for the python cable to go through the box behind the cam. Other than that and typically a little room at the top of the box there is very little wiggle room. They are made to fit each cam pretty snug. The custom1 boxes have a little more play in the box itself, but once you close the door the cutouts in the door fit the cam pretty close.
Here's my Covert Black 60 in a security box-


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