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By dhunts
Yesterday I called Master Lock Cust. Service and spoke with Mike.
My problem is with 5/16 Python Cable Lock Camo.
This set is new,(4 keyed alike).
The problem is they do not release (open) after being locked.
They are lubed, and they were not frozen.
I was close to using a cable cutter on one to remove from tree.

Mike requested I pay to ship them back and they would see if it was their problem.
If it was from manufacturing they would replace with black and yellow cables, not camo,
and they would not be keyed alike to original set.

I told Mike that was unacceptable and I would consider it a loss and move on.

I own 2 dozen of these, I assume it must be operator error on my end.
That doesn't sound like a good deal at all. From my experience the camo locks are 3 or 4 bucks a piece higher and you pay more for them being keyed alike. The black and yellow locks stick out in the woods much more too making it more likely that someone will see your cam.
I would call back and talk to someone else or try contacting where you bought them from. Don't know of this is your situation or not but if the locks get tight or are left on a tree for a while and the tree grows they are very tough to get unlocked. As the trees grow or if the lock is snugged up too much it actually tightens the locking mechanism inside the lock, sometimes you have to try and tighten the cable at the same time you are trying to turn the key.
Sometimes, they stick inside the body. Try not to put them too tight when you put them on and when it's time to take them off, push the cable in about half an inch. The cable should then slide out easy. I had this happen to one of mine. I think someone on this site had posted about how to get them unstuck.

Looks like John beat me to it............. :mrgreen:
Thanks Guys;
The worst offender was on tree for 5 weeks.
I assume the internals are a tapered jaw (collet) type setup.
The cables are marked with indents from the steel teeth.
I imagine internals are burred from new, and are not fully releasing.
The keys also do not fully turn 90 deg. They stop just shy.
They have been lubricated.
JDH, I will try the pulling tighter when turning the key.
Either way, you spend a lot of $ with a company, and
by default (?) they treat you to obstructionist customer service.

On the other hand,
Here is how Crimson Trace Laser is treating me currently.
I told C.S. I Was not the original owner of their grips.
No Problem they said, they will take care of warranty issue.

Same as Reconyx treats us. Darrell.

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