Please post ideas for security features, mounting brackets and stands. Please include photos and designs for everyone to see.
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By ClayPeacock

I know that most folks are not dealing with high temps yet but I like to look ahead.

Here in the south, the temps will be rising (hopefully) in the next couple of months. I would like to know how you protect your cams from overheating during the hot months. I know I'll have to try to keep mine out of direct sunlight but are any of you using "shades" or something like that to keep them safe from high temps?

I'm a "newbie" and haven't been through a summer with my cams yet.

Thanks in advance.

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By Roscoe
On my feeder sets that have the cams right out in the sun, I use 3/4 plywood to make a backer and short roof over the top. I wrap the whole thing in metal flashing to help reflect the heat. I do hit the flashing with spray paint. The cams still get hot, but it does keep the sun from directly hitting the case during the hottest part of the day.
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By mattpatt
I don't do anything and I live where it can get to be 110 (in the shade) during July and August. Maybe I should be doing something but I can honestly say I've never lost a cam where I thought heat was the culprit.
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By T-post
Ditto what Matt said :mrgreen: Summers here are over 100 degrees in the shade and I have cameras out in the direct sunlight with no issues.....well, I have had the sun fade the camo on a few cameras, but that's the only issue.
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By ClayPeacock
Thanks Guys, I'm glad to hear that they aren't that sensitive to heat. I may end up building some sort of "bird house like" housing for a couple of them that will be in the sun all day,

BTW, it's 65 and sunny here today. :D Of course we have a "torcon rating" for here by Thursday afternoon.

Thanks again


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