Please post ideas for security features, mounting brackets and stands. Please include photos and designs for everyone to see.
By NEHunter
I have looked at some of the ways others have camouflaged the game camera and my idea is to build a branch like the tree
I will be using and about 2 or 3 ft. in length and with enough diameter to insert the camera. It would be attached on an upward
angle. by cutting out holes for the flash and sensors and screwing to the tree at a height above eye level. You could also
cut a square hole in a dead tree like a birch if one is available. cover with another piece of birch bark with the holes. You could
build a pole of any wood with the recess cut in and stick it in the ground.
It seems that by using bait which is not legal where I hunt you set yourself up for problems.
But feeding wildlife and taking pictures is a gray area as long as you don't hunt over the bait.
By NEHunter
The more I think about it the post in the ground idea would not work. too easy to just pull the post with camera out of the
ground and walk off with it.
My second thought would be to cut a PVC pipe 6" dia. about 2' long. Slice one end at an angle about like a quill pen. Glue wood bark to the PVC pipe. same kind as the tree you are attaching too. you could add a cap to the pipe to keep rain out. Cut or drill holes for the sensors facing downward. You could use the security box for a pattern for the holes. After mounting the camera to a tree about 10' high and with an angle bracket you could slide this over the camera and bracket. This would make it easy to check the cameras card. I would probably just use tree steps to climb up to the box. Sounds cheep and easy. I have been holding off buy a camera, safety box, and bracket until after the season and waiting for them to go on sale. I have a friend I am
going to make one up to try at this time. Pic to follow.
I would value any input about my idea.
By NEHunter
OK I have the mock tree limb and bracket 99% done and wanted to up date. I started with a 2' by 6" metal duct pipe. I wanted to taper the branch and cut the connector off at a taper and pop riveted it back together. I hammered the ripples on one end flat before I riveted it together, but I dont think it was necessary with the liquid nails. I used two types of liquid to see what worked best and found the more expensive pro version gave a ruff texture more like bark but if you wanted it smooth use the tan colored liquid nails. For both the liquid nails and paint I painted one side and then when dried the other. I used almost two tubes to cover. I used two shades of gray paint with one having a little green tinge and just followed the lines up and down the branch.
I had trouble with the foam because what I got was for small cracks and did not dry unless you misted it with water every 2". (read instructions)
I put the security box in a plastic bag and squirted the foam on top. I was wondering if I should have sprayed with oil to keep the foam from sticking afterwards. You have to make sure you leave enough room for expansion of the foam also. I experimented with two angles and heights for the mount. The 45% mount that the pipe or branch is will be about 20' high. I will have to use a climbing tree stand to put it up. The bracket is just some scrap oak glued together and cut to the 45%. I did try another angle of about 20% and just cut some 2X6 in half on an angle for this. I seems that about 10' high would be about what I will use for the 20% bracket. The mock branch is painted like an oak in my yard and will be specific to this tree. the other bracket might be used on other trees. I cut the pipe at a 45% angle kind of like a quill pen and did most of the cutting including the port for the detectors and camera with a jig saw. I looked high and low at locks and finally decided on a Master 185D lock with a shroud.
The security box and lock may seem like overkill, with the box out of sight but for my first game camera I am cautious.
The way this works is you bolt the security box to the tree and the mock branch just slides over it. I have been thinking about some way to attach branch and small bungee cord looped up from the bracket might work. I think it came out great. the big problem I have is getting the photo bucket link to work.
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By bobcat
Now that looks awesome!

With Photobucket locate the links on the right side of the pic page and left click on IMG to copy and then paste it in your thread.


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