Please post ideas for security features, mounting brackets and stands. Please include photos and designs for everyone to see.
By 70chevelle
When I went to change cards last week, I was unlocking a 5/16" Python lock and the key tore off and stuck in the lock. :x I had to cut the cable. Anyway, I went to all my local suppliers for another 3/16" or 5/16" python, but all they had were 3/8" which are too big. I went on Master Locks website to see that the Pythons have a warranty, so on Monday I called. I asked if I could get just the cable sent out and gave the CS rep my model number. She was very pleasant and accommodated me. Said that it would ship out in the next couple days and I could expect it in about a week or so. I got home from work yesterday and there was a package (2 days) with an entire new Python lock, all under warranty, and I was willing to pay for the new cable!

A much different experience that what I've had with Moultrie. :x
By dhunter
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By bobcat
Can't beat that for good CS.....:D

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